Do you love maps?

Timebox automatically adds maps to your stories.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved maps. When I was growing up we used to plan road trips by first contacting AAA®.

You would call them on the phone and tell them where you were going. They would then send you a custom Triptik® in the mail which was a rectangular paper notebook that detailed every turn of your trip no matter how many miles. You would flip a page when you arrived at the farthest point on the page and keep going. We are still AAA members and they now have an app for that.

We have a small collection of maps and atlases at home and have needed road maps on occasion. For example in a foreign country or city with no connectivity. Flying into Florence, Italy and heading to meet friends at their villa in Tuscany with no connectivity or address (local charm?) was challenging even with a paper map.

When you print your stories as a hardcover book, PDF ebook, or on your own home printer, Timebox adds a map on the last page with a summary of the locations of all of your stories.

Paper maps used to be essential but with today’s apps we can get directions to anywhere by typing in an address, place name or any number of things. Getting around these days is much easier (getting lost can have it’s advantages) but being able to see where you’ve been is part of the story.

Timebox will automatically create maps in your stories from any of the GPS locations that are in your photos and videos included in the story. Tiimebox will also include pins, adding additional pins for each new photo or video location. If you had a busy day, you can see it all on the map.

Two more things: the maps are zoomable and if you print a book or PDF with photos from a trip with multiple stops the last page of the book will show a map with all your stops and pins.

We added maps to Timebox because they help us remember where we’ve been and tell better vacation stories.

We eventually made it to our friend's villa in Tuscany and you can see in this post the Timebox maps from our stories. The old paper map we had at that time turned out to not be much help but the directions about the dirt road and a "black mailbox" finally helped us find our way.

As always, please let us know what you think. We love to hear from you!