Timebox Photo circus 3D

Timebox Photo Galleries is now Timebox Photo Circus 3D!

Timebox Photo Circus 3D is a new kind of place where you can create entertaining 3D scenes that tell your social photo stories with slideshows & 3D models.

Create crazy, collaborative 3D/AR scenes. Animate your 3D models including bald eagles, ghosts, customizable emoji flags, cats and dogs. Add your favorite photos and stories to new slideshows. Entertain your friends, family and even yourself.

Why use timebox photo Circus?

Timebox Photo Circus is a new kind of place where you can create entertaining 3D scenes that tell your social photo stories with slideshows and 3D models.

  • 3D and AR are for more than just games. Make your photo stories more fun by easily designing your own crazy 3D scenes.

  • Animating 3D models is notoriously difficult for all but the most experienced animators. Timebox provides simple customizations such as size and altitude along with a selection of animation steps to easily make your 3D models play.

  • Sharing your photo stories in personally curated scenes is entertaining especially because invited friends and family can join the fun and add their stories to yours making the scenes a collaboration.


When you first launch the Timebox Photo Circus app you’ll see two scenes:

  1. A personal scene for your private Photo Library.

  2. A shared scene for collaborating with other people.

Each scene includes a 3D building with an exterior and interior that you can customize. Change styles, colors, lights and materials. Add and animate 3D models, add your social photo story slideshows to TVs, projection screens and frames. Share and collaborate with friends and family. See it all in Augmented Reality (AR).

3D Models

Easily add amazing animated 3D models to your scenes including:

  • Animals -bald eagle, giraffe, Labrador Retriever

  • Furniture - beach chair, picnic table, sofa

  • Decor - plants, balloons, ghost

  • Landscaping - customizable emoji flag, trees, street lamp

  • Landmarks - Space Needle, lighthouse, Big Ben

  • Musical Instruments - piano, drums, electric guitar,

  • Sports Equipment - soccer ball, skis, bicycle

  • Vehicles - cars, pickup truck, electric train

  • Your own 3D (USDZ) models

Unlimited additional shared scenes plus unlimited use of all premium 3D models can be purchased with the Timebox Scene Maker Unlimited subscription for $1.49 USD / month or $14.99 USD / year.

3D Cat Model


Bring your scenes to life by animating your models with sequences of basic steps such as Circle Right, Go Up, Turn Right and Rotate.

Easily create lifelike and magical scenes with the models in your scenes.

Animations are easy to customize and have lots of room for personal creativity and experimentation.

Animations also provide interactive excitement and enjoyment for people with whom you’ve shared your scenes.


Photo Stories

Timebox will request permission to access your photos so you can make them part of your scenes.

Then the powerful Timebox engine will automatically create long-lasting daily photo stories from your 1000s of photos, videos and Live Photos in your Photo Library with no uploading or copying.

Easily discover and re-discover your favorites on addicting timelines, maps and slideshows.


Timebox slideshows let you display your stories anywhere in a 3D scene.

Slideshows include all the photos, videos, Live Photos, sound and text from the stories you select.

Each slideshow has its own customized style: picture frames, TVs, easels, projection screens or panels.

Timebox can instantly turn your stories into sharable slideshow videos to post on Instagram or other networks or into PDFs for printing.


Have your friends and family enjoy your stories by inviting them to share a scene where they can collaborate and join in the fun by adding their own stories.

Shared scenes are perfect for:

  • Families

  • Trips

  • Teams

  • Events

  • Memorials

  • Projects

  • Photos of everyday life

You can also share via email, Message and various social networks.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is an entertaining way to further explore your scenes.

It’s easy, just tap the AR button, hold up your device and look around!


Your privacy is very important to us.

  • None of the data in the Timebox app is ever retained by or visible to our company. All of your data is only on your own devices or in your iCloud account.

  • There are no extra signups, accounts, passwords or ads and no uploading, except when adding to a shared scene.

Movie created with Timebox from Live Photos.


  • Sync to all your iOS devices

  • Photo captioning

  • Make, share and print PDFs

  • Shared scene templates

  • Make stitched together sharable slideshow videos

Timebox Photo Galleries requires:

  • iPhone 6S, 7, 7S, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS, XS Max, XR 

  • iPad Pro, iPad since 2017, Air, Mini 2019

If your iOS device is not listed, you’ll still be able to enjoy Timebox in 2D.

Timebox® is a registered trademark in the US of Pepper Networks, LLC.