Timebox 4.2 - A Better Timeline

Timebox 4.2 is now available. We’re excited about it because among a few small fixes it also includes larger images on the Timebox timeline. On the iPhone in particular, it was hard to see any details in the photos. There’re now about twice the size and much easier to see.

We also heard from some of you that you wanted to make videos from multiple stories. You got it!

  1. Just tap select in the upper right corner.
  2. Select your stories.
  3. Tap the share button in the lower right corner.
  4. Tap Make Video Story
  5. Enjoy and share with your friends, family and followers, if you want.

Here’s the full list of what is new in the 4.2 update:

  • Increased size of timeline images.
  • Changed print button on timeline to “Select”, moved up next to search button
  • Added support for making a video from multiple stories from timeline via new Select / share button.
  • Added video making support for text blocks, including animated scrolling for very large text blocks.
  • Added captions and locations to zoomed photo mode.
  • Improved database performance and fixed some bugs.

If you like to take photos of your travels, adventures, events, family and friends, write about them and occasionally share and print the stories, then Timebox is for you. Take photos and videos as usual. Add your writing. Timebox does the organizing and sharing. You keep the memories. Simple.

Please let us know what you think or if you have any questions or comments. We love to hear from you!

Getting Timebox

Over the last few days a number of people have asked us how to get Timebox. When we say go to the App Store and download it, they sometimes look frustrated and a bit annoyed. We get it. It’s not actually as easy as it sounds. Here is a step by step guide to get Timebox. We hope it helps.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, tap the App Store icon.
  2. Tap Search and then type Timebox.
  3. Tap Timebox Automatic Photo Organizer in the search results.
  4. On the Timebox page tap $3.99 then tap Buy to download and install it. At that point, you’ll also most likely be asked to type in your App Store password or use Touch ID.
  5. Once Timebox as been installed on your iPad or iPhone, just tap the Timebox icon to launch it.

Since Timebox is a photo organizer app it will need permission to access your photos and access to your calendar to create your daily photo stories. If you don’t give Timebox permission, it won’t work.

Here are the permission request messages that are displayed by iOS the first time your launch Timebox:

  • Timebox would like to access your Photos. Don’t Allow / OK
  • Timebox would like to access your Calendar. Don’t Allow / OK

That’s it. You’re done.

By the way, all of the photos, videos and stories in Timebox are stored on your device or in your own iCloud storage. We (Pepper Networks, LLC) do not store any of your data anywhere else, ever.

As always, questions and comment welcome. We love to hear from you.

If you had a moment, we would really appreciate it if you would rate Timebox. Its easy. Just tap the Timebox icon in lower left corner of the Timebox timeline, then tap Rate Timebox. Thanks!

Do you love maps?

Timebox automatically adds maps to your stories.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved maps. When I was growing up we used to plan road trips by first contacting AAA®.

You would call them on the phone and tell them where you were going. They would then send you a custom Triptik® in the mail which was a rectangular paper notebook that detailed every turn of your trip no matter how many miles. You would flip a page when you arrived at the farthest point on the page and keep going. We are still AAA members and they now have an app for that.

We have a small collection of maps and atlases at home and have needed road maps on occasion. For example in a foreign country or city with no connectivity. Flying into Florence, Italy and heading to meet friends at their villa in Tuscany with no connectivity or address (local charm?) was challenging even with a paper map.

When you print your stories as a hardcover book, PDF ebook, or on your own home printer, Timebox adds a map on the last page with a summary of the locations of all of your stories.

Paper maps used to be essential but with today’s apps we can get directions to anywhere by typing in an address, place name or any number of things. Getting around these days is much easier (getting lost can have it’s advantages) but being able to see where you’ve been is part of the story.

Timebox will automatically create maps in your stories from any of the GPS locations that are in your photos and videos included in the story. Tiimebox will also include pins, adding additional pins for each new photo or video location. If you had a busy day, you can see it all on the map.

Two more things: the maps are zoomable and if you print a book or PDF with photos from a trip with multiple stops the last page of the book will show a map with all your stops and pins.

We added maps to Timebox because they help us remember where we’ve been and tell better vacation stories.

We eventually made it to our friend's villa in Tuscany and you can see in this post the Timebox maps from our stories. The old paper map we had at that time turned out to not be much help but the directions about the dirt road and a "black mailbox" finally helped us find our way.

As always, please let us know what you think. We love to hear from you!

Timebox 4.1 now Available. Just in time for Summer!

The Timebox Automatic Photo Organizer just got better.  The instantly created daily photo stories are the simplest and most efficient way to enjoy, explore and share your thousands of photos and videos. All the photos and videos from each day are divided into sections by location and include an automatic title from your Calendar.

Timebox continuously does the work for you so you can quickly find your trip, family, pet, sport and party photo stories by title, location, caption, tag and any other text you add to the story.

What’s New in Version 4.1
• Maps! See where you’ve been on a trip or in a day.
• Location suggestions popup while entering a location name.
• Easier photo captioning and rotation.
• Arrange photos “contact sheet” view to easily re-arrange a day's photos and text. 
• Improved editing - use bold, italic and underline in your story text.
• Help command.
• French translation.
• Bug fixes, UI tweaks and performance improvements.

Every photo story in your Timebox can include one or more maps. The maps are added automatically when Timebox creates a story that contains photos with GPS locations.

The Timebox Arrange story editing button switches to a "contact sheet" view that let's you easily move photos around within the story.

Finding photos in Timebox vs. the iOS Photos App

Scroll, scroll the iOS Photos app

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me, maybe hundreds, thousands? Since most of my friends have cameras with phones, when we're together, they often tell me stories that have photos to go with them.

Just last weekend, we were celebrating a wedding anniversary with some friends and unbeknowest to the wife,  the husband scanned a bunch of their wedding photos. We had a champagne toast then he said I have a bunch of photos from our wedding! Great!

Scroll, scroll, scroll and he couldn’t find them. It took him minutes. Meanwhile back at the party we watched him scroll for awhile, then talked amongst ourselves. Then, finally he found them.

They were so fun to see and brought back wonderful memories. The couple was reminiscing about the substitute minister, the giant tray the caterers could’t fit through the door, the wild dancing, the outfits and all the guests.

I said dude - you need Timebox! Here’s what should have happened...

He announces that he has the photos and goes to Timebox. He finds the photos right away on the Timebox timeline. We reminisce.

A video of the wedding pics would be really fun for them and to share with friends. He could also make a hardcover book - just to have.

Just enter what you want in Timebox

Announcing Timebox 4.0

New features include book and gift printing, and optional notifications of new and old stories

We’re happy to announce the availability of the latest version of the free Timebox app which instantly organizes all of the photos in your Camera Roll and iCloud Photo Library plus entries from your Calendar into daily photo stories.

With one tap, Timebox also makes a video story of all the photos and videos from a story that can be easily shared through the your favorite social networks.

We appreciate all your feedback and we hope you like our new features which include:

  • Powered by Kite.ly, you can make, print and buy, using Apple Pay™, credit cards or PayPal, beautiful hardcover photo books, photo cases for phones and tablets, posters, prints, stickers and magnets from any Timebox story.
  • Optional notifications remind you to view and share new stories any way you like using Mail, Message, iCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, WhatsApp etc.
  • “On This Day” and “During This Week” built-in searches make it easy for you to find, enjoy, and share interesting old stories.
  • iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus 3D Touch Quick Action shortcuts for even faster sharing and search.
  • Turn off automatically-generated stories by tapping and enabling “Hide Automatic Stories”  in the iOS Settings App.
  • As always, no extra sign ups, accounts or passwords. No uploading. Your photos stay in your camera roll or photo library. No ads.

Please download Timebox 4.0 and let us know what you think. We always love to hear from you. If you could also take a second and rate Timebox in the App Store, by just tapping the Rate Timebox button from the Timebox icon menu right in the app, we would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for your support!

6 tips for using Live Photos on your iPhone 6s

Live Photos are enabled when the circles button at the top of the screen is yellow.

Live Photos are enabled when the circles button at the top of the screen is yellow.

Live Photos are a truly fun and unique feature in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

When you have the Live Photos feature enabled in the Camera app, it will automatically include a 3 second video with each still photo that you take.

Here are some things that I’ve found as I’ve been taking hundreds of Live Photos on my iPhone 6s:

After tapping the shutter button, the LIVE indicator tells you that the 1.5 sec video is still being recorded - hold steady!

After tapping the shutter button, the LIVE indicator tells you that the 1.5 sec video is still being recorded - hold steady!

  1. Verify that Live Photo taking is turned on when you want it on. Seems obvious but sometimes I turn it off when it isn’t necessary and then I forget to turn it back on. The concentric circles indicator button at the top of the Photos app screen is yellow (see screen shot). If it's gray instead of yellow, tap it to turn on Live Photos. (If you don't see the indicator, your iPhone doesn't support Live Photos.)
  2. Live Photos take a little more space on your iPhone and in iCloud, but it’s at most a couple megabytes per photo, so it’s not a big deal. You can leave it on for most photos without worrying about the space.
  3. Since a Live Photo keeps 1.5 seconds of what you see on screen before you press the shutter button and 1.5 seconds after you press the shutter button, you REALLY have to concentrate on holding your iPhone steady and still before and after you press the button.
  4. When you press the shutter button, a yellow LIVE indicator will appear at the top of the screen (see screenshot). The LIVE indicator will disappear when the 1.5 seconds after the shot have been recorded. Keep your eye on the LIVE indicator and keep your iPhone steady until it disappears.
  5. Since iOS 9.1, the Camera app uses the built-in iPhone motion sensor to sense if you accidentally tip the iPhone down before it’s captured the 1.5 seconds after the shot and if it senses that it cuts the video short. This saves a lot of blurry videos of the floor that happened when Live Photos first appeared in iOS 9.0.
  6. Since Live Photos also record sound, it’s a good idea to listen to your subjects to be sure that in addition to the images, you’re also getting the sounds you want. Your subjects will probably not realize you’re recording a video, so you may (or may not) want to avoid record them all saying “smile” or “everyone say cheese!"

Live Photos are an amazing new way to capture the people and world around you.

And when you use Timebox to stitch together a video of a day or an event captured with Live Photos, the result is an almost magical way to share your life.

Give it a try!


Timebox Tips - How to move photos around in Timebox

A few people have asked us how to move their photos and videos around in Timebox so we thought it would be helpful to write a post about it. There are a few different ways to do it depending upon what you what to accomplish. Here are a few scenarios:

Rearrange photos in a story

You want to rearrange the photos and videos in a day or a story.

  1. Open a story, tap Edit, then tap and hold the photo (or video) you want to move (it will change shape and “float” above the story).
  2. Drag the floating photo to it’s new location in the story. 
  3. You can drag a photo on top of another photo or on top of a block of text. 

You can also tap and hold on the white area of a block of text to drag the text block on top of a photo.

Copy photos to another story

You want to copy or paste (or share) just one photo or video.

  1. Open a story, tap and hold the photo you want to work with, then choose Copy, Paste or Share
  2. Tap the back arrow to go back to the timeline.
  3. Open the destination story or tap the plus sign to add a new story, tap and hold anywhere in the story, then tap Paste.

Move photos to another date

You want to move some photos and videos from one day to another day. 

  1. Open a story, tap Edit, tap Select, tap the desired photos to select them, and then tap Move To
  2. Choose the date where you’d like to move the selected photos, tap move, then tap done.

Sometimes Move To is not allowed when you've manually added the selected photos to a story but they were also automatically added to a different story. In this case (or any other time you like) you can also:

  1. Open a story, tap Edit, tap Select, select the photos you want to copy, tap the share button in the lower right corner of the screen, and tap Copy from the choices.
  2. Go back to the timeline, open the destination story or tap the plus sign to add a new story, tap and hold anywhere in the story, then tap Paste.

For more tips take a look at the Timebox FAQ.

Contact us anytime with a question or comment and we’ll get back to you.

Top 8 Holiday iPhone Photo Tips

Capture, Organize, and Share Those Holiday Moments!

Every moment matters. The end of year holidays and festivities offer plenty of colorful moments to capture: co-workers in ugly sweaters, the family trip to the tree farm, colorful decorations, family dinners, or a night out on the town for New Year’s Eve.

With a little attention to detail and planning, your photos and videos can capture the merriment and joy of the holidays. Here are our top tips to enhance your photos and videos and make them easy to share in this holiday season.

1. Take a lot of photos.

Take lots of photos and keep them organized

Take lots of photos and keep them organized

To overcome the pressure and stress of capturing a great group photo, just work quickly and snap away or use burst mode. Take a large number of photos since there is always someone blinking, turned away, facing another member of the group.

Having a large number of photos will provide the best opportunity to obtain numerous options of everyone looking their best.

2. Don’t delete.

Just as important as taking lots of photos, is keeping them all. Yes, all of them. During the holidays you may be in a rush to find that prized photo of the season, but some of our favorites are of friends caught unaware or of a scene just happening rather than a, posed opportunity.

This year with the iPhone 6s’ Live Photos, the before and after of the family picture become a fun part of the story as well! 

3. Find the snowflake in the blizzard.

Place emphasis on the details this year. The photo will be more impressive if you fill the frame with the most striking parts, colors, or visuals of the venue. Look for the gorgeous star or ornament adorning a Christmas tree rather than including the whole tree in the shot.

If a home’s lights look fabulous, capture the detail of the lights lining one window or the rather than losing the effect by photographing the lights of the entire house.

4. Put on your creative hat.

Use creative backgrounds

Use creative backgrounds

Try to focus on how you are placing and organizing the various elements and people in each photo and video to add creative composition and keep your photos fun and interesting. Try placing your main subject to one side of the frame and balance them with something in the background on the other side of the picture.

For example, if you are photographing a beautiful collection of lit candles, try placing them on the right of the scene with the dining table blurred softly in the background on the left. This will result in a photo that both records the candles in all their beauty and does so in an artistic, creative way.

5. Zoom with your feet.

Simply moving your iPhone’s camera in close will make the biggest difference in the success of your picture-taking this holiday season. Make the people and objects critical to your moments huge and impossible to miss by filling the frame.

If you are photographing the family feast, but don't have candles or lights (or equivalent supporting elements) in the background, you might want to instead move in (with your feet, not just the zoom function) as close as you can. Filling the entire frame with your subjects will result in a photo that has true impact on viewers.

6. Take candid photos.

Be candid! And don’ forget to tag/label your photos

Let’s face it; candids make some of the most fun and interesting photos and videos. You aren’t just capturing them; you are creating a memory of it. Make your way around your year-end festivities and snap merrymakers that are too engaged in presents, feasts or activities to notice you and your iPhone.

With candid photos and videos, instead of taking time to carefully compose the frame and scene, just get several takes in rapid succession and move on to the next partier. 

7. Be prepared.

During this time of year we often only have a brief moment when that magical moment emerges. That’s why we must be fully prepared to capture that moment when it happens by having your iPhone at the ready, and shooting quickly and often without being timid or bashful.

Also make sure you’ve charged your battery and have sufficient memory available so you can keep capturing special moments without worry.

8. Share!

Share your photos across social networks, text message, and mail

Share your photos across social networks, text message, and mail

Share your moments with family and friends instantly through your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so they feel like part of the action. Apps like Timebox can make sharing simple and easy with a few taps on your phone.

For those treasured moments captured in images, think about creating a framed photo or photo book for family and friends (particularly parents and grandparents) as a lovely holiday gift.


We all take photos for a reason – to share and remember good times. Let your photo management app ensure you instantly organize all of your photos and that they are easy to share.

Timebox allows you to create a short video to replay and share a special day during the holidays.  Add and customize your own tags to any photo or group of photos, making it easy to find, enjoy and share photo and videos. Quickly search by location, event, time and so much more. Retrieve any photo you’ve ever taken, synced across your iOS 9 iPhones and iPads.

Happy holidays and good luck capturing it all with your photos and videos!

- Mary Ellen