Timebox 4.1 now Available. Just in time for Summer!

The Timebox Automatic Photo Organizer just got better.  The instantly created daily photo stories are the simplest and most efficient way to enjoy, explore and share your thousands of photos and videos. All the photos and videos from each day are divided into sections by location and include an automatic title from your Calendar.

Timebox continuously does the work for you so you can quickly find your trip, family, pet, sport and party photo stories by title, location, caption, tag and any other text you add to the story.

What’s New in Version 4.1
• Maps! See where you’ve been on a trip or in a day.
• Location suggestions popup while entering a location name.
• Easier photo captioning and rotation.
• Arrange photos “contact sheet” view to easily re-arrange a day's photos and text. 
• Improved editing - use bold, italic and underline in your story text.
• Help command.
• French translation.
• Bug fixes, UI tweaks and performance improvements.

Every photo story in your Timebox can include one or more maps. The maps are added automatically when Timebox creates a story that contains photos with GPS locations.

The Timebox Arrange story editing button switches to a "contact sheet" view that let's you easily move photos around within the story.