My Mom's Stories

Admittedly we have been having trouble getting a blog post out. We are working hard on the next version of Timebox that will be out early this Summer.

On a recent visit to my hometown, Milwaukee, WI, my Mom loaded me up with her family photos and the stories to go with them. I was so involved in our conversation that I almost missed my flight home. Later when I confronted my notes and the manilla envelope of photos I was lost. I figured out my list of descriptions numbered 1-48 referred to the scanned photos in the corresponding order. But what about the picture with the written note “engagement picture” but not sure which one or the story about the fire and being carried down the ladder?

I will see my Mom this weekend and will fill in the blanks. I will create a new category in Timebox called My Mom’s Stories and every story will be an entry.

There is also an envelope of photos with pictures of me and my 6 siblings when we were little. I will create another new category called When We Were Small and every story will be an entry.

The upcoming version of Timebox will include the ability to create custom paper books so I will be able to easily share my Mom’s memories with her and my Dad, my siblings and my 15 nieces and nephews. Since ebooks are available today, there may be no reason to wait.

I can’t wait to be further along in this project and talking (arguing?) to my family about our past — so fun!

We have been getting great feedback and appreciate every single comment! Please keep the suggestions coming and if you could rate us in the App Store or add a brief comment - we would appreciate it.

Thanks so much.

Mary Ellen

[And thanks to PlaceIt by Breezi]