What's New in Timebox Photo Circus 6.2

Timebox Photo Galleries is now Timebox Photo Circus 3D! Timebox Photo Circus 3D has all the great features of Timebox Photo Galleries and now includes the ability easily animate your 3D models.

3D models are fun but making them do stuff is even better. Now you can easily make your own animation sequences for your 3D models. Checkout our new 3D models, night mode and slideshows.



All new easily customizable animations! Most 3D objects in Timebox now support creating your own amazing animation sequences by tapping on simple timed steps that include:

  • Go Forward, Go Backward

  • Circle Right, Circle Left

  • Go Up, Go Down

  • Fly Up, Fly Down

  • Turn Right, Turn Left

  • Fade In, Fade Out

  • Rotate, Jump, Flip

Choose when to play the animation that’s built-in to a model (e.g., Giraffe moving its head).

Checkout the surprising special effects with Fade In and Fade Out.


3D Cat Model

More New Features & Improvements

  • Change a 3D object’s height above the ground or floor with the altitude customization slider.

  • Include a sign with text above any slideshow.

  • Animate new customizable 3D models including:

    • Emoji flag (add your country flag emoji or any other emoji),

    • Eagle and cat,

    • Film projector and projection screen,

    • Christmas tree and menorah,

    • Statue of Liberty and park bench.

  • Customizable ranch house and circus tent are also new.

  • Choose from 3 styles of rugs in the new Rugs category.

  • Try outdoor night mode. Tap the sky to change from day to night and turn the lights on.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Scene Maker Unlimited Subscription

New subscription pricing! Unlimited additional shared scenes plus unlimited use of all premium 3D models can be purchased with the Timebox Scene Maker Unlimited monthly subscription $1.49 USD / month or $14.99 USD / year.