What is a Timebox Movie?

A Timebox movie is a video made by stitching together the photos, videos, Live Photos and text in one or more stories. If the videos or Live Photos that you include have sound, then the movie will also have sound. 

How do I make a Movie?

Tap the Movie button at the bottom of screen. In the timeline, you can select multiple stories to include in the movie. If you are viewing a single story, only that one story will be included in the movie. While viewing a single story you can also tap Select and then tap on specific photos and videos to include just selected ones in the movie.

How do i make a Movie with more than one story?

Tap Movie at the bottom of the screen in the timeline, select your stories, tap the Movie button again.


How Do I Share or Save a Movie?

When Timebox has finished making the movie and you've previewed it, tap the action button in the upper right corner of the screen and choose how you'd like to share or save the movie.

Are there any size limits?

  •     Instagram - 60 seconds.
  •     iMessage - seems to handle fairly large videos.
  •     WhatsApp - 16MB

Can Movies Be Viewed on Android and Windows?

There are many versions of Android and Windows, Timebox movie videos are in H.264 format and should play on virtually all of them. Please let us know if you have a problem.

I shared a Movie via iMessage and saw green text Is this a problem?

When you choose to share a Timebox movie via iMessage, you can share very large movies (we don't know the limit)  with people who also use iMessage. However, if you want to share a movie with a person who does not use iMessage (e.g., Android user), the name or phone number of the user will be displayed in green text instead of blue text and the size of the movie may be very limited.

Why is my Movie black?

When Timebox is unable to obtain a full-resolution photo from iCloud or your Photo Library, the video frames may be black or you will receive an error. Sometimes you can try again when you have a better Internet connection. If that still doesn't work and you're willing to eliminate the problem photo, you can hide or remove it from the story.

How do I change the play time of a Movie? 

Press and move the seconds per photo slider to your preferred time per image. Note that you cannot change the time for any videos (or Live Photos), since those are always included at their full length.

Why was my Movie not received by the email recipient? 

Sometimes a movie video is not delivered by email because it is too large. Check the Sent box in your Mail app for the status. As an alternative you can try enabling MailDrop when sending or sharing via iMessage or Vimeo.

How Large (MB) can a movie be for sharing? 

Movies should be under 25 MB to be handled by most email providers. MailDrop, iMessage or Vimeo are other choices for sharing large Timebox movies.