Timebox Version 2 Users

Thank you for being a Timebox early adopter. We appreciate your support and think you’ll like the changes we made in Timebox 3.0. 

One of the biggest changes you’ll see is how easy the app is to use. Instead of having to manually add your photos, Timebox 3.0 will automatically organize all your photos and videos from iCloud into daily stories so you can quickly find, enjoy and share them. 

To make things even easier we title each day’s story with the associated calendar entry so you can search for and remember the day.

You told us how busy and pressed for time you were so we made Timebox as fast and easy to use as we could by taking all the work out of it. Please give Timebox 3.0 a try and let us know what you think by emailing us at support@timeboxapp.com.

What will happen when I update to the new version? 

You will not lose any stories and they will be updated to the new version when you automatically or manually update the app.

Will I have to pay for the new version? 

No, when you update Timebox you will receive the latest version of Timebox 3.0.

I purchased the extra cloud storage so what happens to my stuff?

It gets moved to your iCloud account where it will have better security, privacy and reliability. We are phasing out the Timebox Cloud since iCloud has become better.

Can I go back to version 2?

To make Timebox 4.0 behave like version 2.0, turn-off automatically created stories by going to Timebox in the iOS Settings App and tapping Hide Auto-Created Stories.