Here are some of our favorite tools and accessories that we use with Timebox. 



Through the years, we've tried many different photo scanners and this Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 is by far the most convenient and easy to use.

If you use it with a Mac it's scans directly into iPhoto, which makes it simple to get your photos into Timebox.

You can connect it directly to your iPad (with one of the USB adapters  below). 

It naturally it also works on a Windows PC. 


Entering text in your Timebox stories is part of creating your stories but sometimes the iPad's on-screen keyboard can be a bit slow.

 We've been using this Logitech Bluetooth keyboard cover for a few months now and it's an  excellent improvement for text entry.

It can really turn your iPad into the equivalent of a laptop. 


Apple Computer

You can use one of these USB adapters to connect your camera or a scanner like the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i directly to your iPad or iPhone.

The USB adapter in the kit on the right is for iPads and iPhones with the original connector and the USB adapter on the left is for ones with the new Lightning connector.

We've found these frames to be perfect for framing your Timebox posters. They come in sizes that match the Timebox poster sizes. They're of good quality and at reasonable prices.