timebox Essentials

here are Some things We thought you should know. Timebox:

  • Automatically synchronizes your Photo Library, Timebox Photo Circus and stories across all your iOS devices.

  • Uses long-lasting iCloud storage for privacy and security. 

  • Is designed for both online and offline use.

  • Cares about privacy and unlike many apps, none of the data in the Timebox app is ever retained by or visible to our company, Pepper Networks, LLC. All of the data that's in the Timebox app is either on your own device (iPhone or iPad) or in your own personal iCloud account.

  • Does not make additional copies or use additional storage space on your device or iCloud for the photos and videos in stories in your Personal Library scene.

  • Does make copies of photos, videos and Live Photos in shared scenes. This is required by iOS and iCloud to make those photos, videos and Live Photos visible to other people. 

  • Does not have extra sign ups, accounts, passwords or subscriptions, uploading (except when adding to a group gallery) or ads.  

timebox includes

  • Sync to all your iOS devices

  • Photo captioning

  • The ability to make and share PDFs

  • Shared scene templates

  • The ability to make stitched together sharable slideshow videos.

What is the difference between Timebox and the built-in iOS Photos app?

  • Timebox automatically organizes your photos, videos and Live Photos into photo stories precisely by day. Rather than a big grid we show you one key photo a day that you can choose.

  • Timebox recognizes time zones.

  • Timebox year and month chooser is easier to use.

  • You can add captions, edit titles, dates and locations, reorder photos within a photo story.

  • You can hide certain photos, videos and Live Photos without deleting them.

  • You can make and share a slideshow video of all the photos, videos and Live Photos in a story.

  • You can select photos, videos and Live Photos from any photo story or Stories and combine them.

  • You can make and print PDFs with multiple photos per page.

  • Timebox does not provide any photo editing capabilities like the iOS Photos app does. However, if you edit your photos in the Photos app, the edits will appear in Timebox.

  • Timebox works in tandem with the Photos app. Consequently, if you delete a photo in the Photos app, it will also be deleted in Timebox.