What is sync?

When you purchase the Timebox Cloud service upgrade, your Timebox syncs with the Timebox Cloud and all of the updates (additions, changes and deletions) that you made to your Timebox are uploaded to the Timebox Cloud. Likewise, if you have multiple iOS devices, for example an iPad and an iPhone, all of the updates that you made to your Timebox on ANY of your devices are all uploaded and downloaded, such that all of your devices are always in-sync. With sync you will always have your latest Timebox on all your devices, automatically.

How do I get my Timebox on all of my iOS devices? 

  1. Download and install the free Timebox app from the App Store on all of your iOS devices, including your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  2. Open the Timebox app on one of your devices, go through the Welcome pages if you haven't already, tap the Cloud Options button and Purchase the Cloud Service upgrade for $2.99.
  3. Then enter your email address, choose a password and tap Create New Account. Timebox will create a new Timebox Cloud Service account for you and backup and sync your first device to the Timebox Cloud.
  4. On your other iOS device(s) open the Timebox app and, on the first Welcome page tap Sign In and Restore which will download and continuously sync your Timebox from your first device to your other device(s). If you've already gone through the Welcome pages on the other device(s), you can instead, open Timebox on your other device(s), tap the Cloud Options button, enter your email address and password and tap Sign In.

 How do I buy the Timebox Cloud service upgrade?

Tap the Cloud Options button and then tap the Purchase button.

Is my Timebox backed up?

Your Timebox can be backed up in three different ways. If you sync your iPad/iPhone/iPod with Apple's iCloud, your Timebox will be backed up to iCloud. If you sync your device with iTunes on your Mac or PC, your Timebox will be backed up to your computer's disk. And, if you purchase the Timebox Cloud service upgrade, your Timebox will also be backed up to the Timebox Cloud.

How much cloud storage is included with Timebox?

The free Timebox app does not include cloud storage or backup. However, your Timebox data will be backed-up along with your other iOS apps if you currently backup your iOS devices to iCloud or iTunes. To add multi-device sync and 8GB of Timebox Cloud storage and backup, tap the Timebox app Cloud Options button to upgrade to the Timebox Cloud Service for an in-app purchase of $2.99. 

How do I add cloud storage if I use more than 8GB?

Additional Timebox Cloud storage will be offered in the future as an in-app purchase from your Timebox. 

What if I don't have a connection to the Internet?

Unlike many services, you always have a complete copy of your Timebox on your own iOS device, so a connection to the Internet is not required to access your information. 

What if I stop using the Timebox Cloud service?

You will still have all your photos and stories on your iOS devices. 

What if your company goes out of business or closes?

You will still have all your photos and stories on your iOS devices. You can make an ebook of your Timebox that you can share and keep for as long as you want.