What is a Timebox story?

A Timebox story contains the photos and details about something that you want to remember. 

Starting with your photos:

  1. Select your photo sources. You can add photos from multiple sources including Dropbox, Facebook, your devices, and shared iCloud Photo Streams. 
  2. Browse your photos, tap and Select your favorites - about a trip, family member, pet or child -automatically adding them to the photo tray.
  3. Tap the Stories tab. Make either a New Story or choose an existing story and tap Add to story. 
  4. Add the all details you want to remember including photo captions. Tap Done.  

Starting with your story; 

  1. Tap the Stories tab, then tap New Story.  Add the details and tap Done.

What is a Timebox category?

Categories help you organize your Timebox. They are color-coded and customizable and you can have as many or as few as you want. Timebox starts out with a list of categories including Family, Pets, Parties and Trips. View your categories by tapping on the Categories button in the Stories view.

When you make a New Story the category will be UNCATEGORIZED unless a category is already selected. In that case the New Story  will be in the selected category.

If there is more than one category selected the new story will be also UNCATEGORIZED. 

Tap UNCATEGORIZED to add your story to an existing category or to Add a new category name.

You can change any story category by tapping the Edit button, then tapping the category and choosing a new category from the list or adding a new category name.

You can delete any categories as long as they do not contain any stories.   

How do I add a new Category?

In the Stories tab, tap the Categories button, then tap Customize, then Add Category (or "+" on the iPhone).

You can also add a new Category while you are editing a Story, by tapping the color-coded Category name of the Story (e.g., "Uncategorized" for new Stories), entering a name for your new Category and then tap Add.

How do I change or rename a Category?

From the Stories view, tap the Categories button, then the Customize button and then tap the name of the Category you want to change. Make the desired change and tap Done.

Note: If you delete a Field in a Category, that field will not be shown for all the existing stories. However, since the underlying Story data does not get deleted, if you want to go back to the previous state, you can add the Field back and tap Done.  

How do I delete a Category?

Tap the Categories button in the Stories view and tap the Customize button. The Categories marked with a red delete symbol can be deleted by tapping the symbol and then the Delete button. You can only delete Categories without any Stories. 

Can I modify the built-in Categories like Family or Pets?

Yes, you can change, rename or delete the built-in Categories just like the Categories you add yourself.  The only restriction is that you cannot delete or rename the "Uncategorized" or "Family" categories. You can change the category name in the story by tapping the Edit button and then the name of the category.

How can I see the stories from just one category?

In the Select Categories view, if all the Categories are checked, tap All Categories to uncheck them and check the one(s) you want to see.

What is a Timebox field?

Fields are designed to help you remember the details of your story. Every Timebox category includes a number of fields. For example the Family category includes Family member's name, Relationship, Hometown, Mother, Father, Spouse, Partner, Children and Story. The fields can be left blank and are customizable. If they are left blank they will not appear in your story.

How do I add a new field to a category? 

From the Select Categories view, tap Customize . You can customize an existing category or add a new category with the fields that you want included. Tap Add Field and enter a label and any hints, then tap Done.

You can also add Choices to the fields to make things even easier. For example, the Relationship field in the Family category includes Aunt, Brother, Brother-in-law, Child etc.