Sharing and COllaborating

Timebox provides three ways to share complete full-fidelity versions of your stories with other people:

  • Shared journals
  • Printing
  • Movies

You can also share or save just the photos in your Timebox stories via standard iOS sharing actions, including:

  • Mail and text messages
  • Social networks
  • File sharing

This page of the FAQ describes Shared Journals; please see Printing, Movies and Photos for help on the other ways to share.


How Do I Use Shared Journals?

To share a story via a Timebox shared journal, just tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen. If you are in the timeline, you can select which stories you'd like to share. If you are viewing a single story, that story will be shared.

Once you have chosen the story to share, you can choose the destination shared journal. Each user has two initial shared journals: Family Journal and Travel Journal. You can tap to choose either one of those, or you can tap New Shared Journal to create a new shared journal. 

After you choose the destination shared journal, you will be prompted to optionally switch to the destination shared journal so you can see the newly shared story and invite other people to view and possibly collaborate with you on your shared journal.

How DO I invite other People to my Shared Journal?

While you're viewing the shared journal timeline, tap the people button (people silhouettes) in the lower left corner of the screen. Choose how you'd like to send your invitation: Message, Mail, etc. Then enter the names or addresses of the people that you'd like to invite. 

How do I invite people to collaborate with me?

Shared journals let you not only share but also collaborate on your stories with other people. When you invite people to your shared journal, the default sharing access is that they Can make changes. With that sharing access, the other invited people can share their own stories and edit stories shared by other people. They cannot delete your stories (or stories created by other people).

How Do I invite people to JUST view my shared journal?

By default, people you invite will be able to make changes (collaborate) with you on your shared journal. If you'd prefer that they have view-only access, before you send your invitation, tap the Share Options button and tap View only.

You can change the access of any invited person at any time by tapping on the people button and switching their access.

Can I invite people who do not use an iPhone or iPad?

Yes, the web app enables people without an iOS device (e.g., Android, Windows) to view your shared journals. However, the people you invite need to have an Apple ID, though anyone with a web browser can create an Apple ID here.

Just invite the non-iOS users via mail or text message as you would an iOS user. When a non-iOS user taps or clicks on the Timebox link in the mail or message, they will automatically open the web page for your shared journal.

To see what your shared journal looks like in the web app, switch to your shared journal in Timebox and then tap the web button (globe symbol) in the lower right corner of the screen. This will launch Safari where you may have to login with your own Apple ID to view your shared journal.

Note: the web app currently only supports viewing, not collaborating or adding to shared journals - only the Timebox iOSapp provides those features.

How do I switch to another shared journal or back to my own Personal Journal?

Tap the cloud button in the upper left of the screen in the timeline and tap on the name of the shared journal or your Personal Journal.

How do I rename a shared journal?

Switch to the shared journal and tap the title of the journal at the top of the screen and then edit the title text. You must be the owner (creator) of a shared journal to rename it.

How do I delete or remove a shared journal?

Tap the cloud button in the upper left of the screen in the timeline, swipe left on the name of the shared journal, tap Delete and confirm your deletion.

If you are the owner (creator) of the shared journal, this will permanently delete the journal and all of the stories and photos & videos that are in it. This will free the storage space on your own iPhone or iPad and in your iCloud account. The shared journal will also be removed from the Timebox of all invited people.

If you are not the owner of the shared journal, deleting it will just remove it from your own Timebox app. This will free the storage space used by the shared journal on your own iPhone and/or iPad.

Note: Deleting or removing a shared journal will only delete the copies of the stories, photos and videos in the shared journal - it will not delete or affect the original versions that are in your Personal Journal or in your Photo Library.