Can I share my Timebox?

Yes, you can share individual stories or some or all of your stories as ebooks by sending them in email, posting them on Facebook or Tweeting them. Timebox uses industry-standard PDF files (ISO PDF/A) for its ebooks and stories. PDFs can be read on virtually any smartphone, tablet, computer or ebook reader. PDFs can also be printed from most PCs and Macs.

To share an individual Timebox story, tap the Share button in the upper right hand corner to Make Cube of Story, Email Page, Post on Facebook or Tweet Story.

If you choose to Email, Post or Tweet your story, Timebox will generate a PDF that you can preview. When you are happy with your story tap Mail page, Post Page or Tweet Page to share it. 

If you choose Make Cube of a Story , you will then be able to customize it (2, 3, or 4 column) and Preview it. When you are happy with your cube, tap Purchase.

To share multiple stories or your entire Timebox you can create an ebook by tapping the Gifts tab and choosing eBook. You can then customize your ebook by year, categories, title, subtitle, dedication and cover photo. Tap Preview eBook  to make sure your ebook is perfectWhen you are happy with it tap Share eBook and Timebox will then upload your eBook to the secure Timebox artifact server. You can then mail a link for it to yourself, friends and family. 

Timebox stories and ebooks are FREE. 

Can I collaborate on my Timebox with another person?

To enable you and another person to collaborate on a single Timebox, across any and all of your iOS devices, use the same email address and password when you create the Timebox account. Collaboration requires that you purchase the Timebox Cloud Service upgrade for $2.99. If you already have Timeboxes setup with individual accounts, one of you can switch to the other person's account, though it will merge all of your stories and photos when it syncs with the Cloud (this is a feature!). A word of caution: You cannot go back to having a Timebox of your own once you have setup collaboration. The ability to have multiple Timeboxes is on our list for a future update.