Shared Scenes

With Timebox Photo Circus shared scenes you can share and collaborate with friends, family, colleagues and clients. You decide what and how you want to share. You can:

  • Share just one photo, a photo story or a selection of photo stories, as a movie or PDF, via email, text and social media.

  • Tap Share in the top menu bar to share an Animated Video or Still Image of your scene. Choose your options for the video and tap Share. Timebox will do a video recording of your scene and then you can choose how you want to share it. Share the video or image via iMessage, Mail or social media, or save it to your Photo Library, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

  • Design and decorate the interior and exterior of your scene with room, colors, 3D models, decor and slideshows. Add your photo stories from a trip and invite your fellow travelers to collaborate with you by adding their photo stories to yours. All your memories in one place.

  • Make PDF books and add them to Apple Books.

How Do I Use shared scenes?

  • If you’re logged into iCloud you automatically have one shared scene. The Timebox Scene Maker Unlimited subscription enables you to make an unlimited number of shared scenes plus unlimited use of ALL premium 3D models without additional charge.

    • Scene Maker Unlimited monthly subscription $1.49 / month or $14.99 / year. Subscribe by tapping the Timebox icon in the upper left corner or by tapping the +.

  • Add additional scenes by tapping + followed by Make New Scene. You can also make a new scene from a timeline by tapping the Add To button and then tapping Make New Scene. Five templates are included to help you get started Basic, Family, Travel, Team and Slideshow.

  • Tap the Paintbrush to name your new scene. 

  • Design and decorate the outside of the scene with colors, landscaping, decor, sports equipment and other fun 3D models using the Paintbrush and + buttons. Drag and drop to your preferred placement.

  • Use the customize menu found by tapping the Paintbrush to bring your 3D models to life by animating them with sequences of basic steps such as Go Forward, Turn Right, Fly Up, Jump and Flip. .

  • Tap the front door to go inside. Explore by "walking around" the 3D scene using the normal iOS gestures to pan and pinch zoom.

  • Using the Paintbrush and + buttons, make your scene as large as you want by adding rooms and windows. Then with the same 2 buttons, design and decorate every room with colors, flooring, furniture, plants, slideshows, lamps, brightness and animated 3D models including your own. Drag and drop to your preferred placement. Change anything anytime to suit your mood.

  • To add photo stories from your Photo Library scene to your shared scene , tap the + then Stories from Photo Library from anywhere inside the scene:

    • Tap Select, then tap the checkbox of the photo stories you want to add. Tap Done when you’re finished. The stories will automatically be added to your scene.

    • Tap the Bookshelf button to add photo stories from a Shared Album, choose the Album, then tap the checkbox of the photo stories you want to add. Tap Done when you’re finished. The stories will automatically be added to your scene.

  • To add photo stories from your Photo Library scene while in a shared scene timeline, tap the +, then tap the checkbox of the photo stories you want to add. Tap the Bookshelf button to add photo stories from Shared Albums. Tap Done when you’re finished.

  • You can also add stories directly from your Photo Library scene to any shared scene:

    • From either the grid or the map timeline in your Photo Library scene, tap Select to select the stories you want to add, then tap Add To and choose the scene you want them added to or Make New Scene.

  • Invite people to visit your shared scene by tapping the People button (people silhouettes) in the upper right.

  • The people you invite will need to download the Timebox Photo Circus app. Then they will be able to join your shared scene, add their photo stories to yours and edit stories added by other people creating a long-lasting, private memory about something or someone you have in common.

  • The default is that the people you invite can make changes but you can change them to view only on a person-by-person basis.

  • Timebox is iOS only. People without iOS devices can view your shared scenes using thetimebox.coweb app.

  • Timebox always respects your privacy: Unlike many apps, none of the data in the Timebox app is ever retained by or visible to our company, Pepper Networks, LLC.

How DO I invite other People to my shared scene?

From the interior or exterior of the scene, tap the People button (people silhouettes) in the upper right corner. Choose how you'd like to send your invitation: Message, Mail, etc. Then enter the names or addresses of the people that you'd like to invite. 

How do I invite people to connect with me?

Shared scenes let you not only share but also collaborate with other people. When you invite people, the default sharing access is that they Can make changes. With that sharing access, the invited people can add their own photo stories and edit stories added by other people. They cannot delete your photo stories (or photo stories created by other people).

How Do I invite people to JUST view my shared scene?

By default, people you invite will be able to make changes to your scene. If you'd prefer that they have view-only access, before you send your invitation, tap the Share Options button and tap View only.

You can change the access of any invited person at any time by tapping on the People button and switching their access.

Can I invite people who do not use an iPhone or iPad?

Yes, the web app enables people without an iOS device (e.g., Android, Windows) to view your shared scenes. However, the people you invite need to have an Apple ID, though anyone with a web browser can create an Apple ID here.

Just invite the non-iOS users via mail or text message as you would an iOS user. When a non-iOS user taps or clicks on the Timebox link in the mail or message, they will automatically open the web page for your scene.

To see what your shared scene looks like in the web app, switch to your shared scene in Timebox and then tap the Web button (globe symbol) in the upper right of the screen. This will launch Safari where you may have to login with your own Apple ID to view your scene.

Note: the web app currently only supports viewing, not connecting or sharing via shared scenes - only the Timebox iOS app provides those features.

How do I switch to another shared scene or back to my own Photo library scene?

Tap the Back button in the upper left corner in the timeline and go back to the scene. Tap the Back button again to exit the scene or swipe until you see the Exit door and tap it. Tap the Reset button to go back to the front of your Photo Library scene. You can also swipe to move to another scene.

You can also tap the 2 Scenes button in the bottom of the timeline to go to a timeline in another scene. Tapping the Back button in the new scene will take you back to the previous scene.

How do I rename a shared scene?

Tap on the shared scene building that you want to rename. Tap the Paintbrush, tap Scene Name and then change the name. You must be the owner (creator) of the scene to rename it.

How do I delete or remove a shared scene?

Tap on the scene you want to remove. Tap the Paintbrush, then tap Remove. You must be the owner (creator) of the scene to remove it.

If you are the owner (creator) of the shared scene, this will permanently delete the scene and all of the photo stories that are in it. This will free the storage space on your own iPhone or iPad and in your iCloud account. The shared scene will also be removed from the Timebox of all invited people.

If you are not the owner of the scene, deleting it will just remove it from your own Timebox App. This will free the storage space used by the scene on your own iPhone and/or iPad and in your iCloud account.

Note: Deleting or removing a shared scene will only delete the copies of the photo stories in the scene - it will not delete or affect the original versions that are in your in your Photo Library scene.