Pepper Networks, LLC (Pepper), the makers of the Timebox Photo Circus app (Timebox), takes your privacy very seriously. 

  • Pepper does not collect any personal data.

  • Timebox does not store any data on servers under control of Pepper. Timebox only stores your data locally on your iOS device and, if your device is signed in to Apple’s iCloud service, Timebox uses your private iCloud storage in Apple’s iCloud service to sync your Timebox data between your devices.

  • If you use shared scenes in Timebox, it also uses your private storage in Apple’s iCloud to share data between you and the users that you invite to your shared scene.

  • All of your Timebox data can be exported in a variety of portable, user-readable formats, including PDF files, via the Action button available throughout Timebox.

  • The only time employees of Pepper ever see personal data is when someone voluntarily enters their email into our newsletter subscription form (via the Sign Up for Timebox News button) or to contact us for support (via the Send Feedback button). Our mailing list is powered by MailChimp, a GDPR-compliant service, and we do not sell or otherwise share any personal information we see from support requests. If you use the Send Feedback button in Timebox, it will allow you to compose an email to Pepper that includes your email address and it may also include an error log file attachment that may help us resolve your problem, but which you can optionally delete before sending. 

  • If Timebox ever crashes, we receive anonymous, crash logs from Apple in order to fix bugs and improve Timebox.

  • You can easily delete your Timebox data from iCloud using the Settings app on your iPhone and iPad. To do so, launch the iOS Settings app, tap your name, then iCloud, Manage Storage, Timebox, then Delete Data. This will delete all of your Timebox data in iCloud, including everything you’ve shared in shared scenes.

The web site is used by Pepper to host information about the Timebox app. 

The web site is used by Pepper to provide users with simple web browser access to Timebox shared scenes.

  • is hosted by and, like the Timebox app, all user data is stored and managed by Apple’s iCloud and all user access requires an Apple ID and password which is validated by