Adding, moving and sharing photos

HOW DO I ADD PHOTOS to a story? 

Tap Edit, then tap Add Photos at the bottom of the screen and choose your photo source, tap the photos you want to add and then tap Done.


When the photos are automatically added you can Hide them. Hidden photos will be at the end of your story and you can unhide them anytime. When you manually add photos you can Remove them. Timebox never deletes any photos from your Photo Library.

What is the number in the right hand corner of Some Stories / photos on the Timeline?

The number is the total number of (unhidden) photos in the story.

How do I share or Save the Photos in a story? 


To share or save all the photos in a story, view the story, tap the action button (up arrow in a box symbol) in the lower right, then choose your share method: Message, Mail, Save, Copy, Save to Files, etc. 

To share or save specific photos in a story, while viewing a story, tap Select, then tap the desired photos or videos to select them, then tap the action button.

In order to share via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo, etc. you will need to download the corresponding app from the App Store, launch the app and log in. Once you do that, the app icon will appear when you tap the action button.

Note: due to a limitation in Dropbox, to save photos to Dropbox, you'll have to select one photo at a time.

How do I move a photo or a bunch of photos from one story to another?

Tap Edit, tap Select, select the photos, then tap Move To and choose the new date. This will remove the photos from the original story and move them to the new date.

You can also tap Select, select the photos you want to copy, tap the Share button in the lower right corner and then tap Copy to copy them to the iOS pasteboard.

You can also tap and hold on a photo and choose Copy or Paste.

How do I copy, paste or share just 1 photo?

Tap and hold the photo, then choose Copy, Paste or Share


Timebox does not make additional copies or use additional storage space on your device or iCloud for the photos and videos in stories in your Personal Journal (and Shared Albums). Timebox only maintains links to the photo or video files in your Photo Library. The only exceptions are: (1) when you paste a photo from an app other than Photos (e.g., Safari, Mail) Timebox will save a copy, and (2) Timebox version 2 previously made copies of your photos and those copies are retained by current Timebox versions.

For the photos and videos in stories in shared journals (e.g., Family Stories) Timebox does make a copy. This is required by iOS and iCloud in order to make the private photos  and videos in your Photo Library visible to other people. This is also helpful because it ensures that the images that you share are the ones that will be visible to other people, unaffected by whether you subsequently edit or delete the photos from your Photo Library.


Photos can be temporarily blurry (actually the low resolution thumbnail) before they are downloaded from iCloud.

What are Live Photos and how do they work? 

Live Photos are really fun and Timebox movies are the perfect way to share them.

  •  A Live Photo is a combination of up to a three-second video and a still photo that is taken automatically when you press the shutter button in the Camera app (iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus or X). It grabs up to 1.5 seconds of 960x720 video before and 1.5 seconds of video after you tap the shutter button. (From MacRumors Nov. 12, 2015).
  • Tap and hold anywhere on the photo and you will see the 2-3 second Live Photo with the moments just before and after it was taken.
  • When you make a Movie in Timebox it will include both Live Photos and still photos. If you do not want a particular photo included you can hide it by editing the story and tapping the Hide button.

What are Shared albums? 

iCloud Shared Albums are a feature of the iOS Photos app and you can view automatically created stories for the photos in any of your Shared Albums by tapping the cloud button in the upper left corner of the screen and choosing an album name in the Shared Album section of the list.

Note: While you can view and edit the Timebox stories created for iCloud Shared Albums, the stories are not visible to other people. To share the stories with other people use the Share button to copy the desired stories to a Timebox shared journal, just like you'd share stories in your Personal Journal.

Why is my photo missing the location info?

Not all photos have location info. For example, the GPS on your iPhone or iPad may not have been able to determine your location when you were taking the photo. Or maybe you may have Location Services turned off in your iOS Settings app, or the Photos app may have Location Services disabled (Never) in the Settings app.

Why are some photos missing from my Timebox?

Usually this is because the photos were hidden or not part of your Photo Library. If you are using iCloud Photo Library or an iCloud Shared Photo Album, photos need to download to your iPhone or iPad before Timebox can access them. You may have to run the Photos app before you run Timebox, since the iCloud downloader gets started by the Photos app.

If I delete a photo in the Photos app will it also be deleted in Timebox? 

The photo will be deleted from any stories in your Personal Journal. However, when you share a story to a shared journal, Timebox makes a copy of it, so it will not be deleted from any stories in your shared journals.

Why do I see gray or black squares? 

Because the photo has not been downloaded. If this persists Contact Us. 

How do I import photos from Facebook, Dropbox etc? 

Timebox does not import photos but accesses all your photos in your Photo Library (or Camera Roll).

Can I take photos or edit THem with apps besides the iOS Camera app?

Yes, any app like Camera+, ProCamera, VSCO or Snapseed that allows you to save your photos and videos to the Photo Library or Camera Roll will work with Timebox.