Timebox Photo Gallery 3D is a fun way to explore, organize and share your photos and videos in a customizable 3D world.

A gallery is typically displayed as a 3D building. A gallery building contains rooms that you can personalize, furnish and decorate.  You can also personalize and decorate the exterior and area around a gallery building.

You explore gallery buildings by "walking around" the 3D scenes in Timebox using the normal iOS gestures to pan and pinch zoom. You can also zoom in and out and open any object within a scene by tapping on the object.

As a user of Timebox you always start with one gallery that represents your personal Photo Library. If you are also logged into iCloud, you automatically get a group gallery to which you can privately invite family, friends, colleagues and clients. You can create as many additional galleries as you want.

More about galleries

At the heart of every Timebox gallery is a collection of photos, videos and 3D models. The photos and videos in a Timebox gallery are always grouped into “stories." A story in Timebox is a long-term group of one or more photos and videos plus text and maps, typically from a particular date or range of dates. You can also add or remove photos or videos to or from a story.

Stories make it easier to work with large numbers of individual photos and videos. In Timebox you usually work with a story rather than always needing to select or manipulate individual photos and videos. Stories also make it easy to arrange your photos and videos and add titles, captions, locations, tags and other text.

Timebox arranges the photos and videos in your Photo Library gallery into daily stories automatically for you. To share a story you see in your Photo Library gallery, just Add it to a group gallery. When a story is added to a group gallery, a copy of the story, including the photos, videos, text and maps is added to the group gallery so other invited people can see it and optionally collaborate with you on it.

Customizing a Gallery

Think of a 3D model as a photo-realistic drawing that you can see all the sides of by panning around it. To make it easy to personalize your galleries, Timebox comes with dozens of built-in, reusable 3D models, available for free and via Apple In-App Purchase, for many styles of furniture, decorations, landscaping, musical instruments, sporting gear and vehicles.

  • Tap the + to see the catalog of 3D models.

  • To add a 3D model, tap Add.

  • To add a 3D model to a particular spot on the floor. Tap the spot, tap the + and Add your model. It will go in the space to tapped on the floor. You can also drag and drop it to a new spot.

  • Tap a 3D model and then tap the Paintbrush to change the style, rotate the item or change the size or Remove it.

You can also add your own "USDZ” 3D models that you can acquire from 3D model web sites, in-house 3D model artists and 3D model design tools. Sometime soon you’ll be able to use the next generation of 3D scanning apps to make your own 3D models from real objects using just the camera on your iPhone or iPad.

A Timebox gallery building is itself a 3D model and it consists of 3D models of the building exterior, rooms, walls, doors, windows, floors and ceilings. Timebox naturally comes with a few styles of building exteriors, rooms, etc. and you can purchase additional ones.

In addition to 3D models you can change the colors of the galleries and rooms, the type of floor, add rooms, add frames, add and change the content of the frames, add windows and dim the lights and more. Tap either the Paintbrush or the + to see what you can do.