Timebox automatically creates maps in your stories from any of the GPS (Global Positioning System) locations that are in the photos and videos in the story. You can also manually add locations to your stories by typing in location names that Timebox can translate to GPS coordinates. 

When you are viewing a map in a story you can tap on it and it will zoom to fill the screen. You can then tap and drag to pan around in the map and pinch to zoom in and out.

How Do I Change the location and MAP FOR a story?

Each story has one location and location name associated with it. This "story location" is automatically set from the first photo in the story with a GPS location. You can edit or replace this location and its name by tapping Edit while viewing the story and then tapping the current location name or empty location field. 

When you type a location name, Timebox will progressively lookup the letters that you've typed to find a matching location or locations that it will display in a popup. If you tap on one of the displayed names, Timebox will be able to get the GPS coordinates for that location. 

When you finish changing the location name, tap Done to save your changes and then Timebox will display a map for the location. 

What are story Sections and how do I Change the location and map in them?

Timebox automatically organizes your the photos and videos in your stories by time and divides the photos and videos into sections based on GPS location. Each section that Timebox creates has a location and location name as well as a blank text area in which you enter any text that you wish. You can edit the location name in any section just like the story location name, described above. 

What do the pins in a map represent?

The maps that Timebox displays in stories also include pins showing the specific places of your photos and videos. The maps for each additional section in a story include pins for all the preceding locations so you can see all the locations that you visited as you scroll your story. This lets you see where you’ve been on a trip or in a day.

How are maps shown in printed stories?

When you Print your stories as a hardcover book, or on your on own AirPrint printer or make a PDF eBook, Timebox includes a map as the last page. The map includes a pin for each of the stories and any sections that are in the stories that contain locations with GPS coordinates.

How can I disable all maps in Timebox?

If you would prefer that Timebox not automatically include maps anywhere in the interface or in things that your print, you can launch the iOS Settings app, scroll down and tap the Timebox section and tap on Hide Maps