Timebox Photo galleries

Introducing Timebox Photo Galleries, the innovative new 3D/AR version of the Timebox Photo Journal.

Timebox Photo Galleries is the iOS 3D gallery and story maker app for creating group galleries to privately share photos, videos and stories with other people. Perfect for:

    • Family Stories

    • Group Travelogues

    • Birthdays

    • Team Galleries

    • Events

    • Memorials  

    • Group Projects

Personalize your Private and group galleries with 3D models, your own USDZ models, colors and more.

Explore daily Photo Stories on addicting Grid and Map Timelines.

Invite people to visit your group gallery where they can “walk around” and add their Photo Stories to yours to create long-lasting shared memories. 

Play your favorite Photo Stories as slideshows in innovative new Active Photo Frames.

Explore your Timebox in AR (Augmented Reality).

As always

  • Your privacy is very important to us. None of the data in the Timebox app is ever retained by or visible to our company. 

  • There are no extra signups, accounts, passwords, ads or uploading (except when adding to a group gallery).

Timebox Photo Galleries

Timebox galleries are displayed as customizable 3D buildings. Two galleries are included with Timebox and ready for you to design and decorate:

  • One private gallery called Photo Library Gallery.

    Once you’ve given Timebox permission to access your Photos, the powerful TIMEBOX ENGINE automatically creates long-lasting daily Photo Stories from your 1000s of full-fidelity photos, videos and Live Photos in your iOS Photo Library and presents them on addicting Grid and Map TIMELINES and ACTIVE PHOTO FRAMES in your Photo Library Gallery.

  • One starter group gallery (if you are logged into iCloud).

    Timebox group galleries are designed specifically for groups of people who want to PRIVATELY combine their Photo Stories. 

    Easily add the Photo Stories that you want to share. Invite people to visit your gallery where they can “walk around” and add their own Photo Stories to yours to create long-lasting shared memories. 


Express yourself by designing and decorating your galleries. Add additional rooms, windows, colors and hundreds of reusable 3D models. With just 2 buttons, Paintbrush and +, you can:

  • Change the exterior building style, roof color and wall color.

  • Add to the exterior:

    • Landscaping

    • Landmarks

    • Vehicles

    • Your own 3D (USDZ) models.


Explore your galleries by "walking around" the 3D scenes in Timebox using the normal iOS gestures to pan and pinch zoom.

  • Change the interior wall color, floor material and lighting.

  • Add to the interior:

    • Furnishings and Decor

    • Active Photo Frames 

    • Landscaping and Landmarks

    • Sports equipment and Musical instruments

    • Vehicles

    • Timelines and Maps

    • Your own 3D (USDZ) models!

Active Photo frames

Active Photo Frames are the fun new way to play your Photo Stories as slideshows anywhere in your galleries so you and your friends can always see your favorites.

Choose from multiple frame shapes, finishes and colors including televisions and easels. Select individual or multiple Photo Stories to add to the frame along with the following options:

  • Include titles, dates and captions

  • Include story text blocks

  • Start playing automatically

  • Repeat (slideshow mode)

  • No cropping

  • Number of seconds per photo

  • Add or change frames and their content anytime.

(AR) Augmented Reality

AR (Augmented Reality) is another amazing way to further explore your Timebox galleries. it’s easy, just tap the AR button, hold up your device and look around.

Why use timebox photo galleries?

Timebox is the best app for exploring, keeping and sharing all your photos, videos, Live Photos and stories in a PRIVATE, long-lasting, customizable 3D/AR world and includes:

  • A personal Photo Library Gallery that you can personalize and where you can enjoy exploring all your 1000s of Photo Stories in Grid and Map Timelines, Active Photo Frames and Shared Albums.

  • Group galleries that are designed specifically for groups of people who want to PRIVATELY connect, merge, admire and share their Photo Stories to create long-lasting memories about a person, trip, event, project or family.

  • The powerful Timebox Engine that automatically organizes your 1000s of photos, videos and Live Photos into daily Photos Stories and presents them in Grid and Map Timelines ready for your captions and stories. 

  • The ground-breaking, personalizable, photorealistic 3D/AR world of gallery buildings including Timelines, 3D models and Active Photo Frames.

  • Timebox Photo Stories are long lasting. Unlike stories in other apps which are ephemeral and may only last 24 hours, Timebox Photo Stories are meant to be viewed and enjoyed by you and anyone you share them with for as long as you like. 

  • If anything would happen Pepper Networks LLC (developers of Timebox) you would have all your data safely stored on your device or in your iCloud. We do not have any of your data anywhere. 

explore your timelines

Tap the door to enter your gallery. Look by swiping left, right, up and down.

Tap of the Grid or Map Timeline to view your Photo Stories (as long as you gave Timebox permission to access your Photos) and:

  • Add as many of your own words as you want to each Photo Story including captions, titles, locations, dates and tags.

  • Customize any Photo Story by changing the order of the photos, hiding them (without deleting them), or adding photos from another Photo Story.

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 12.17.58 PM.png
  • Make new Photo Stories by selecting photos, videos and Live Photos from any date or Photo Story and combining them into a single new Photo Story.

  • Instantly search for any title, text, tags or locations.

  • Make and share via Mail, Message and social media, fun stitched together MOVIES that include photos, videos, Live Photos and text - no editing necessary.

  • Print on your home printer and make and share PDF ebooks.

Timebox adds GPS location names to Photo Stories, but it also divides them into sub-sections by location to support busy travel days when you go to multiple places in one day.

Timebox also properly handles time zones so photos are put in the correct day’s story, even when you’re traveling across the globe.

Movie created with Timebox from Live Photos.


  • Sync to all your iOS devices

  • Photo captioning

  • Make and share PDF ebooks

  • Group gallery Templates

  • Make stitched together sharable movies

  • Unlimited group galleries

  • Unlimited Active Photo Frames including slideshows

  • Unlimited Grid and Map Timelines 

  • Timebox is a free app and offers reusable 3D models for free and as In-App Purchase.

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