Getting Started with Timebox 


Introducing Timebox Photo Galleries, the innovative new 3D/AR version of the Timebox Photo Journal.

Timebox Photo Galleries is the only app that enables creative photo enthusiasts to design and personalize realistic 3D spaces that their families and groups can use to PRIVATELY combine, organize, explore and enjoy all the photos and stories of the things they do together.

System Requirements

To enjoy the new Timebox 3D and AR experiences, you’ll need to run it on one of these devices:

       •  iPhone 6S, 7, 7S, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS, XS Max, XR 

       • iPad Pro or iPad since March 2017

If your iOS device is not on the list, you’ll still be able to enjoy exploring and sharing Timebox Stories via the 2D Timeline and Map user interface.


Timebox always respects your privacy:

  1. Unlike many apps, none of the data in the Timebox app is ever retained by or visible to our company, Pepper Networks, LLC.

    All of the data that's in the Timebox app is either on your own device (iPhone or iPad) or in your own personal iCloud account. In other words, it’s only ever visible to you or people that you invite to share your data (i.e., to a group gallery). 

    If you delete the Timebox app from your device, you’ll delete the copy of the data that’s on your device. If you delete your personal iCloud account, you’ll also delete the copy that you have in iCloud.

  2. For privacy, security and longevity, Timebox uses your iCloud storage for all synching and sharing. Also, Timebox uses "links" to the photos, videos and Live Photos in your Photos so it never makes any copies nor uploads any until you explicitly chose to Share them with other people.


Timebox Photo Galleries is the customizable, photorealistic 3D world made up of Galleries, 3D models, Grid and Map Timelines and Active Photo Frames. Timebox Galleries are displayed as customizable 3D buildings. Two Galleries are included with Timebox and ready for you to decorate:

  • One private gallery called Photo Library Gallery.

  • One starter group gallery (if you are logged into iCloud).

To get started:

  1. Enter your Photo Library Gallery by tapping on the front door. Explore your gallery by "walking around" the 3D scenes using the normal iOS gestures to pan and pinch zoom.

  2. Give Timebox permission to access your Photos so the powerful Timebox engine can organize your photos, videos and Live Photos into daily Photo Stories.

  3. Your Photo Stories will then appear on the Grid and Map Timelines, in the Active Photo Frames and pins will appear on the globe.

    1. Photo Stories - Automatically created from your 1000s of full-fidelity photos, videos and Live Photos in your iOS Photo Library.

    2. Grid and Map Timelines - searchable, scrollable presentations of your Photo Stories organized by day.

    3. Active Photo Frames - Play slideshows of your favorite Photo Stories in a variety of customizable photo frames.

    4. Globes - As long as you have Location Services turned on pins representing where you’ve been so far will also appear on the globes.

  4. Design and decorate your Galleries with 3D models (available for free or as Apple In-App Purchase) including furnishings, decor, vehicles, musical instruments, and landscaping. Change colors, add additional rooms, windows and even your own 3D (USDZ) models.

  5. Connect and collaborate in a personalized group gallery. Easily add the Photo Stories that everyone wants to see to your gallery. Invite people to visit, “walk around” and add their own Photo Stories to yours to create a long-lasting, private account of a trip, person, project or event. 

  6. Explore the Timebox AR mode by tapping the AR button, holding up your iPad or iPhone and walking around.