Getting Started with Timebox 

How Do I get started with Timebox?

Getting started with Timebox is very easy:

  1. Take your photos and videos as usual with the iOS Camera app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Install and launch Timebox:
    1. To create your stories and display the photos & videos in them, Timebox needs your permission to access your Photos.
    2. Timebox can suggest titles from your Calendar entries. If you would like this feature, give Timebox permission to access your Calendar.
      1. Please note: For privacy, security and longevity, Timebox uses your iCloud storage for all synching and sharing. Also, Timebox uses "links" to the photos & videos in your Photos so it never makes any copies nor uploads any until you explicitly chose to Share them with other people.
    3. Timebox will then automatically create daily photo stories from all your photos and videos in your Photo Library (or Camera Roll).
  3. Explore your stories in your Timebox timeline, choose years and months, search and tap on stories.
  4. Edit your stories by adding titles, captions and text blocks, rearranging the photos (tap edit, then tap arrange, tap and hold the photo to move it), adding and hiding photos, adding tags, and more.
  5. Share and collaborate on your stories by adding them to a Timebox shared journal and inviting friends and family to add their photos and stories about the celebration, trip or family memory.
  6. Share and preserve your stories in other ways too: make movies, PDF ebooks, hardcover books, Mail, Messages, social networks and more.