Getting Started with Timebox 

What are the system requirements? 

An iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 10.0 or higher is required for the latest versions of the Timebox app.

Is there online help for TIMEboX?

Yes, tap the Timebox icon and choose Help.

Why should I turn iCloud Photo Sharing on? 

Timebox works best with iCloud Photo Sharing turned on. All the photos in your Photo Library will sync between your devices and Timebox will automatically organize them into daily stories. All your edits will also sync via iCloud.

Why do you ask to access my Calendar info? 

Timebox uses your calendar entries to add titles to each day’s story so you can search for and remember the day.

Timebox never modifies anything in your calendar nor does it do anything with any of your Calendar info except use it for titles in your Timebox stories.

If you would prefer not to see your calendar entries in your Timebox stories go to Settings, then Timebox and tap Calendars to turn off access.

How do notifications work?

Timebox will send you notifications for stories from yesterday (new) and from today's date in previous years (old). When you start Timebox for the first time you can say yes to notifications. You can easily manage your notifications including what time Timebox notifies you in the iOS Settings App.

Is there an easy way to send feedback, rate TIMEbox or sign up for news?

Yes, tap the Timebox icon in the lower right corner of the App. If you send feedback, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

What’s sync? 

Sync means your Timebox stories will match across your iOS devices.
It may take awhile for everything to get in sync. It depends on the speed of your Internet connection and both Timebox and the Photos app need to have run.
If your Timebox on your iPhone doesn’t match the Timebox on your iPad it’s probably because they are still syncing. Contact Us if you have problems with this.

I see all the days and photos in Timebox, but now what?

Tap on any day to view the photos in that story. Tap Edit to add more details including captions.
Tap Make as Video on any story and share a little video with your friends and family on your favorite social networks.

What is the difference between Timebox and the built-in iOS Photos app?

  • Timebox automatically organizes your photos into stories precisely by day. Rather than a big grid we show you one key photo a day that you can choose.
  • Timebox recognizes time zones.
  • Timebox year and month chooser is easier to use.
  • You can add captions, edit titles, dates and locations, reorder photos within a story.
  • You can hide certain photos without deleting them.
  • You can make and share a video of all the photos & videos in a story including Live Photos (iOS 9.1).
  • You can select photos from any story or stories and combine them.
  • You can make and print PDFs with multiple photos per page.
  • Timebox does not provide any editing capabilities like the Photos App does. If you edit your photos in the Photos App, the edits will appear in Timebox.
  • Timebox works in tandem with the Photos app. Consequently, if you delete a photo in the Photos App, it will also be deleted in Timebox.
  • If you change the date of a photo in Timebox it will also change the date in the Photos app.

How do I backup my Timebox? 

If you back up your device using iCloud or iTunes, your Timebox will be backed up.

What happens to my Timebox if your company goes out of business? 

It’s yours. Everything is on your device or iCloud. We do not have any of your data anywhere.