How do I get started with Timebox?

Download the Timebox app from the App Store. The Welcome Pages will help you get started.

Why do I have to enter my name and birthday when I get started with Timebox?

Your real name and birthday are optional but if you provide them, Timebox can provide a more personalized experience. For example, the Stories page works better if Timebox knows your birthday. If you do not enter your birthday, Timebox will set your birthday to a date 30 years ago because the app requires some date to work properly.

How do I fix my name or birthday if I originally entered them incorrectly?

The Family category will have a story with either your name, "First Name Last Name", or the incorrect name. Tap it to open it, and you will see the Relationship field is Self. Tap the Edit button and you will be able to change the name and date by tapping on the appropriate field. 

Can I import my profile information from Facebook?

Yes, from the Cloud Options button just tap Import from Facebook