What is Timebox?

Timebox is an app for iPhones and iPads that automatically organizes all of your photos and videos into a private "photo journal" so you can  easily find, arrange and enhance them with titles, captions and paragraphs of text.

While there are many ways to organize your photos and videos, Timebox provides a unique way to combine them with your thoughts and memories so you can better remember your experiences. 

Timebox starts by automatically making private daily photo "stories" from all of the photos and videos in your Photo Library or Camera Roll. You can also manually create your own stories from any photos or videos.

With Timebox you can also share your private stories in a number of different ways: Timebox shared journals, email, text messages, social networks, printed books, posters and gifts.

What is a Timebox story?

A Timebox story is a group of photos and/or videos plus optional text. Each story has a date or optionally a range of dates and an optional title and location. Timebox automatically creates a story for each day from all of the photos or videos you've taken on that day. You can also create additional stories for any date at any time. You can rearrange, add, or remove photos, videos and text in a story whenever you like.

Timebox stories are somewhat similar to stories in other apps like Instagram and Snapchat, though different in one very important respect: Timebox stories are long lasting. Unlike stories in other apps which are ephemeral and may only last 24 hours, Timebox stories are meant to be viewed and enjoyed by you and anyone you share them with for as long as you like. However, you're always free to permanently delete any story at any time, including the automatically created stories.

What are Private Journals vs. Shared Journals?

Each Timebox user has one private journal called a Personal Journal that contains all of your automatic daily stories and any other manually created stories that you create. The stories in your Personal Journal are private to you and no one else can see them unless you share them. They are stored on your device and in your iCloud storage.

Each Timebox user also has two starter shared journals, Family Journal and Travel Journal. It's easy to create more at any time. You can copy a story to a shared journal by using the Share button in your Personal Journal or create a new one using the compose button. Stories in a shared journal are stored in iCloud and are viewable and optionally editable by other people that you invite to that particular shared journal. You can add or remove stories from a shared journal at any time. You can also add or remove invited people or change their permissions (Can make changes and view-only).


What is search? 

To search the stories in your Timebox, tap the the search button (magnifying glass symbol) in the upper right corner and search for tags, captions or any text in your Timebox. You'll also notice the convenient built-in searches "On This Day", "During This Week" and "New Unread". The built-in searches make it easy to find old and new stories.

What’s sync? 

Sync means your Timebox stories will match across your iOS devices. At first, it may take awhile for everything to get in sync. It depends on the speed of your Internet connection and both Timebox and the Photos app need to have been launched.

Sync is also used by shared journals to make copies of shared stories available to the invited people.

What is the difference between Timebox and the built-in iOS Photos app?

  • Timebox automatically organizes your photos into stories precisely by day. Rather than a big grid we show you one key photo a day that you can choose.
  • Timebox recognizes time zones.
  • Timebox year and month chooser is easier to use.
  • You can add captions, edit titles, dates and locations, reorder photos within a story.
  • You can hide certain photos without deleting them.
  • You can make and share a movie of all the photos & videos in a story including Live Photos.
  • You can select photos from any story or stories and combine them.
  • You can make and print PDFs with multiple photos per page.
  • Timebox does not provide any photo editing capabilities like the iOS Photos app does. However, if you edit your photos in the Photos app, the edits will appear in Timebox.
  • Timebox works in tandem with the Photos app. Consequently, if you delete a photo in the Photos app, it will also be deleted in Timebox.