Timebox Feedback


We appreciate all the thoughtful reviews that people have posted in the App Store and the comments that have been sent to us directly. We are interested in building an app that people think is truly useful and we are very focused on that goal.

However it takes time to find out what people want and then to build it (building always seems to take a bit longer than we think). So we are constantly collecting a list of requested features and will add them to future updates as soon as we can.

We love hearing from you and would like to address a couple of recent questions:
  1. Timebox does not require your name or birthday. However, Timebox works better if it has a starting date on which to base the Timeline, Yearbook, etc. But as we say in the Welcome page help text, both of these are “optional” in the sense that you can enter anything you like but you must enter something.
    Your name and birthdate are completely private and only stored in your Timebox. We NEVER use them for anything external to your Timebox.
  2. When your device is normally backed up, your Timebox will be included in that backup. We offer the Timebox Cloud Service in case you would like to purchase extra “archival” storage and multi-device sync.
  3. image You can easily create a free PDF of any entry in your Timebox by taping on the share button imagewhile viewing an entry. The basic ebook artifact, available on the Artifacts page, is also now free (as of version 1.3) and we will soon offer different ebook designs for $0.99.
  4. Dropbox will soon be added to Timebox as a source of photos.
Please tell us how you think Timebox can be a better app - we’re listening. Send us email (support@timeboxapp.com or me.heinen@pepper.com).