See It, Show It, Share It

One of the best things about using Timebox so far is the ability to bring my digital stuff with me. I have Timebox on both my iPad and iPhone 5; when I tell a story about our dog Clover, I can easily locate the photo that goes with the story.
Last Summer, I got into the habit of adding my stories and pictures to Timebox and then sending the PDF pages to my friends and family. What I didn’t really realize at the time was how easy it was for everyone to open the PDF and read it — no passwords required. Since the data is on my device, I don’t even need Internet access to see it.
I know people back up their stuff on their home computers and then onto other media but then how do they see it, share it or add to it? With Timebox you can take it all with you.
For fun here is my  Clover Timebox page.
Mary Ellen