Photo Collecting Made Simple

We chose photos as the first thing you could collect in your Timebox because everyone has them.

Speaking for myself, my photos are a mess and finding the one I am looking for can be a pain. 

There are a couple of ways Timebox makes collecting photos easier:
  • After tapping the Add Photos button, I can select a source - iPhone, Facebook, Mary Ellen’s Photos on my Mac or Len’s Photos on his Mac (we enabled Sharing in iPhoto preferences so they show up in Timebox - see screenshot below). I love seeing the photos in Len’s iPhoto library and importing the ones I want into my Timebox. Not too long ago, prints would have been the only way I could see those photos.
  • After I’ve set the date for my Timebox entry, the list of photos in the source library will automatically scroll to the photos for that date - no manual scrolling required.
We will be adding more sources for all sorts of digital things in future updates — stay tuned.