Make a Mini-movie in 3 taps with Timebox

Mini-movie made from 15 Live Photos.

We read this article in the New York Times and thought the 6 steps describing how to make a video in less than an hour sounded pretty complicated. The Make a Movie feature in Timebox is designed to be a super simple way to create mini-movies that combine photos, videos, Live Photos and text on an iPhone or iPad. In just 3 taps or maybe a few more, depending on what you want to add, your movie is ready to watch! The result might not be the fanciest but it is pretty good for fast, simple, sharing fun.

Timebox also offers shared journals. Invite the friends you were with to your shared journal so they can add their full-fidelity pics and videos. Then you’ll have all the collaborative fun in one place.

Here are a few details:

  • No importing required - Timebox makes the movie directly from your photos, videos and Live Photos in your Photo Library or iCloud Shared Albums..

  • You can include: all photos in a day, all photos in multiple days, or select specific photos from a day.

  • You can temporarily hide photos, videos or Live Photos from the movie.

  • For Live Photos: each 3 second video and audio is automatically stitched in, or if you prefer, just the still images.

  • You can add text to your movie: a title to the movie or to each day, captions to each photo/video or Live Photo and you can even add big blocks of descriptive text that will appear in the movie (if text is too big to fit on the screen, it will automatically scroll like movie credits).

  • Location names and dates are automatically added to your movie.

  • You can drag and drop to re-order the photos, videos, Live Photos and blocks of text.

  • You can share your video via the usual methods: iMessage / text, email, social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, etc., or save it to your device, iCloud Storage or Photo Library.

  • Plus, once you’ve done all the work to customize your movie, it’s only another couple of taps to make: a hardcover book, or PDF ebook.

If you’ve got a minute you can make a Timebox movie and share it.