Introducing Timebox 5.0 with Collaborative Photo Journals

Timebox Photo Journal 5.0

Over the 6 years we have been developing Timebox, the most frequently requested feature has been a way to collaborate and exchange photos and stories.

People told us they wanted to privately share photos and memories of people, trips, celebrations and many other things with friends and family. It took a few Apple updates to iOS and iCloud but the technology has finally become available for us to build this new feature.

Introducing Collaboration

In Timebox 5.0 we’re introducing collaboration and sharing with our new shared journals feature. To help explain it, here’s an example of a shared journal in action:

Suppose that you take a trip to Florida with a few friends. Some of you love taking lots of photos but not everyone is taking pics. Everyone loves everyone else’s pics and wants them for themselves.

To help everyone out, you get Timebox 5.0 and when you launch it, it automatically creates photo stories from each days' photos. With one tap on the new Share button you can create a shared journal called Florida Vacation and add your photo stories from the trip. You then tap on the Add People button to invite your traveling companions to the journal via a text message (or email). 

Collaboration Invitations

When they receive their invitations, the other invited travelers tap on the Timebox link in the text message to accept the invitation and get Timebox for their own iPhones or iPads. They can then view all the photo stories in the Florida Vacation journal and even add their own stories for everyone to see. 

If you allowed it, the stories in the Florida Vacation shared journal can also be expanded on (embellished?) by other invitees. 

People can make their own private copy of any story by tapping the Keep button to add it to their own Personal Journal. Anyone can also make and share a movie, ebook, hardcover book or other photo gift from any or all of the shared stories. 

If any of your traveling companions are without Timebox or an iPhone or iPad, they can still accept their invitation by tapping on the link in the text message, which will launch their web browser to view the Florida Vacation shared journal via the new web app.

Make your own shared journal

To make your own shared journal in Timebox: 

  1. Tap Share, tap to select the stories you want to share from your Personal Journal, then tap Share again.
  2. Choose from the pre-made Family Journal, Travel Journal or create a New Shared Journal. If you choose New Shared Journal, you can enter a title for it.
  3. Tap View to view your shared journal.
  4. Tap on the Add People button (people silhouette symbol) in the lower left corner of the screen to invite other people to your shared journal.
  5. Tap Message, Mail, etc to choose how to send your invitation and enter the names of any people in your Contacts.
  6. Shared journals have optional permissions: Can make changes or View only. You can change anyone's permissions anytime by tapping their name or Share Options. Invited people who Can make changes can add new stories to the shared journal anytime.

If you find yourself asking your friends and family to send you their photos (and vice versa) from trips, parties and the fun times you spent together then Timebox 5.0 will be for you. With Timebox 5.0 you can create shared journals for family memories, trips and celebrations, add your photos, videos and stories then invite your fellow travelers to do the same. 

In this Timebox update there are also many performance improvements and bug fixes making it even more fun to use.

We hope you like Timebox 5.0!
Mary Ellen & Len