What Are We Leaving Behind?

What will future generations find from 2014?

What will future generations find from 2014?

"It's about time we started asking ourselves: what are we leaving behind for future generations? When our descendants look back on the computer revolution, what will they still have access to?"
"When future historians look back at cloud computing, there will be nothing but a big, black hole."

Ron Amadeo published a very well-written and insightful story on ArsTechnica this week. It's definitely worth reading.

He's really concerned that while cloud-based apps and storage are great, they have a way of completely disappearing, leaving nothing for people in the future. He points out that this is very different from previous forms of software and storage, where if someone retained their computer, software and data, they had a reasonable chance of seeing what it all looked like.

Ron Amadeo does a great job explaining one of the problems that we have worked hard to solve with Timebox. While we are big believers in "the cloud" we also realize that it can become inaccessible over time, taking all of your valuable data with it. For that reason we designed Timebox to always maintain a complete copy of your stories and favorite photos on your iPhone and iPad. The Timebox Cloud is a great way to sync and backup your devices, but it's just one copy of your data, not the ONLY copy of it.


 Photo by Martin Neuhof, http://martin-neuhof.com