Same trip, 2 different Timeboxes

Last month, Len and I went to New Zealand for 2 wonderful weeks. New Zealand had been on our list for many years and we bought the guide books in 2009. Needless to say, we did update the books for our trip.

At our company, Len does all the coding and I do everything else. I am a heavy Timebox user and always have a list of features that I think would be useful. Many things are on the list. We have also heard from other people and we are working on adding them as fast as we can.

Click to see the full Timebox story

Click to see the full Timebox story

Len took most of the photos with our new camera because he likes doing that more than I do. Thanks to the new iPhoto sharing via Dropbox I was able to easily select and add my favorites pics to Timebox from his iPhoto library.

Interestingly, we each created very different stories about out trip in our Timeboxes. Len structured his like a book and plans to make an ebook to share. I made a short story that I shared on Facebook thinking that my friends and family may not have the stamina for the long story. My long story is for me and anyone else interested in more photos and details.

We designed Timebox to be flexible. Long or short stories. Just for yourself or for sharing. Always ready for more.

We loved New Zealand and would go back in a second. Here is my short Timebox story if you want to take a look.  Enjoy!

Mary Ellen