Timebox 2.4

It's now easy to automatically reorder the photos in your story

We are pleased to announce the availability of Timebox 2.4 - now on the App Store. In response to customer feedback we have added a couple frequently requested features including:

• Photo reordering in a story by date - oldest to newest or newest to oldest. 
• Age display in the Stories timeline column headings.
• Select the exact stories for any custom gift by a specific date range, not just years.

• Improved support for large (20 megapixel) photos and retina displays. 

Your age is now shown in the Stories timeline

More about photos

Maintaining photo quality for both digital displays and printing is very important to us. Consequently, we have worked hard to support large full resolution photos. If you take great photos or even not so great photos we will help you keep them. 

A Timebox tip

Timebox is stored locally on your device so you can add new photos and stories, update existing ones, share them and see everything anytime. If you put something in your Timebox it will stay there. 

Thank you for using Timebox. We want to make Timebox the best app we can. Please send us any feedback or suggestions. We love to hear from you.