Timebox 2.3 Now Available

The Timebox team is proud to announce the availability of Timebox 2.3. We listened to our customer’s feedback and worked hard to fulfill a number of requests. All the new features are listed below but we wanted to point a few special things out first:

Starter Stories

New Getting Started experience for new users. It is now much easier to get started and see what you can do with Timebox. 

Better Dropbox Support

Improved Dropbox support, especially for folders containing thousands of photos. This has been tested with our own Dropbox accounts which have about 15,000 photos spread across about 600 folders. Seeing all our family photos, organized by date, ready to add to Timebox is both convenient and fun.

Timebox Description

We also took the opportunity to update the description of Timebox to better reflect what it does for you. 

Timebox - Keeps your favorite photos and stories together forever. On your devices and on paper and metal.

Timebox is perfect for collecting and organizing your favorite photos and stories about your life - family, friends, trips, schools, pets, sports, parties and more.

Timebox automatically organizes your photos so finding your favorites is easy. Add a long story, a short story, a phrase or just a caption and you’re done.

With Timebox you can make long-lasting, sharable gifts with your stories using the customizable, built-in designs for ebooks (free), photo collage posters, books, magazines and memory cubes.

With the Timebox Cloud Service you can sync across all your iOS devices.

Timebox will always be private and ad-free.  

All That's in 2.3

Here's the full list of what’s new in Version 2.3:

  • Portrait poster photo collages (in addition to landscape posters).
  • Improved Dropbox support for large folders. Timebox now efficiently supports Dropbox folders containing thousands of photos; especially handy when using the Dropbox automatic Import Photos from iPhoto or sharing all your photos.
  • New Help button on the Cloud Options page. This page also has a new Rate This App button. If you like Timebox please rate our app: it really helps.
  • Improved memory cube automatic photo layout.
  • Improved Getting Started experience for new users. 
  • Many bug fixes and minor enhancements. 

New users can optionally enter a few details than before to get started.

Timebox will create "starter stories" so new users can get going quicker.

Dropbox folders can now contain thousands of photos.