My Timebox


I love my Timebox! I am one of 7 kids and Len is one of 6. Between us we have 26 nieces and nephews and 3 greats. Both of our families get together as often as we can so there are lots of stories to tell and share. So far I have 237 stories in my Timebox and loads of photos. My first story is dated 1897 with a scanned photo of my grandparents. The most recent is from the unusual snowfall over the weekend in Seattle. 

My Timebox has stories about trips, anniversaries, when I was little, parties, running races, bike rides and for each of my family members. I created a special story for each of my nieces and nephews that I share on their first day of college. We all get a good laugh remembering how they were when they were small.

The  poster I made for my newest niece has 396 of the cutest pictures ever and makes me smile every time I see it.

Every new story makes my Timebox better.

Mary Ellen