The future of photos on the Web

Yesterday, Om Malik wrote a blog post titled "On visual web, a photo is worth more than a 1000 words" and how hard it is to find the photos you want to see.

His article is very interesting and validates much of what we are thinking and planning for the future of  Timebox.

According to some estimates, we all will upload 900 billion photos to the Internet this year - a crazy and awesome number.

A few comments from the article we thought were worth repeating:

  •  “An image is the gateway to your emotional memory,” Sophie Lebrecht, CEO and founder of Neon Labs.
  • "Personalizing your photo experience by helping you find the right pictures is a great opportunity."
  •  "We desperately need a service that helps us create a visual timeline of our life. That app is even more important now that we are not making photo albums like we used to.” 
  • “We experience moments or interactions as feelings that are associated with objects, scenes and images. So perhaps when we see later see the image, memories of those interactions, moments and feelings come back. There is just so much metadata in that image!"
  • "These timelines will not just be personal: We have come to a point in society where photos and videos are part of the larger sociopolitical dialogue.”

We are working on the next version of Timebox and will address a number of Om’s requests. Today, Timebox helps you create a visual timeline of your life and Timebox 3.0 will make it even easier.

The screenshot above is a sneak peek at Timebox 3.0. Stay tuned...