Timebox 2.5 Now Available

Timebox 2.5 includes lots of new story and photo sharing features

We are happy to announce the availability of Timebox 2.5 on the App Store. If your apps automatically update, you might already have the newest version.

Timebox 2.5 is compatible with iOS 8 and includes some new features requested by you, our customers. Thanks so much for helping us make Timebox better!

We have already started working on the next version of Timebox that will integrate even more iOS 8 goodness.  Stay tuned.

Please download this latest version of Timebox and rate it in the App Store. Ratings really do help our visibility.

As always, feedback and comments welcome.

What’s new in this version:

• iOS 8 support.
• You can now swipe left and right while reading a story to go to the previous or next story.
• Improved story sharing with the standard iOS sharing user interface.
• Story sharing now includes text Message, Flickr, save to Photos app, Copy to clipboard and Printing.
• Story sharing via email is now an HTML embedded in the message up to 60 photos.
• You can now share/copy/print a single photo in a story by tap-and-holding on an individual photo (not while editing).
• Photo files with date prefixed filename (e.g., "2014-06-17-Seattle.jpg") will use that date for the photo.
• Photos tab now opens to the last source and albums, even if it's Dropbox or Facebook.
• You can now create a duplicate copy of a story in the Stories tab by tap-and-holding on the story and choosing Duplicate Story.
• On iOS 8, Viewing a photo from an iCloud Photo Streams will automatically download the full-resolution version of the photo.
• New faster internal database.
• Many other bug fixes, performance improvements and minor enhancements.

Please note: This version supports iOS 7.0, 7.1 and iOS 8 (iOS 6 is no longer supported with updates).