Keep Track of the Wines You Drink

A couple of weeks ago we had dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants and the people next to us were in the process of choosing a wine. Their conversation went something like this:

Q: Have we had this wine before?
A: I don’t know.

Q: What did we have last week?
A; I don’t remember.

Q: Have we had this one before?
A: Not sure.

Bartender: You had that one last week.

Being into wine ourselves we thought Timebox could help them keep track of the wines they drink. As much or as little info as they want to keep:

  • wine name
  • producer
  • region
  • grape varietal
  • vintage
  • photo of the label
  • where purchased
  • price
  • your rating - 5 stars -  love it, 1 star - plonk.
  • drinking partners
  • food

We couldn’t help ourselves so we told them about Timebox and they downloaded it right away. 

Making a category for wine is easy:

  1. Tap Categories
  2. Tap Customize
  3. Tap New Category
  4. Enter a Category Name like "Wine"
  5. Tap the plus sign to add the fields you want to track.
  6. Tap done.

To keep it super simple steps 1-4 will suffice.