We Know You're Busy

You want to organize your photos, describe them with a few words and preserve them. Because you're busy the process needs to be convenient and quick. We can help you succeed in a few simple steps, at home or on the go and have fun doing it. 

We developed Timebox because we wanted to organize our thousands of photos. We also wanted to add the stories behind the photos and share them with our friends and family. 

A few photos were lost or misplaced along the way so we wanted to preserve what was left. We were further encouraged when our friends told us that they were vexed by similar issues with their own photos.

Being busy people we wanted something that was fast, simple and fun to use. Today, my Timebox has 226 stories with 2,700 photos. I have shared many parts of it and that makes me feel good.

We'd love to hear from you. All comments, feedback and suggestions welcome at info@timeboxapp.com.