From Personal History Archive to Photo Journal

Q: What is Timebox?
A: A photo journal app 

Q: What is a photo journal app?
A: You can collect and keep your photos and stories. 

Q: What do you mean by keep?
A: Timebox is about keeping your stuff for future generations. You can make things that last a long time - books, magazines, ebooks and Memory Cubes. Your Timebox is stored locally, on your device, so you always have it handy. 

Q: How do I get Timebox on all my devices so I always have it handy?
A: The $2.99 Timebox Upgrade includes sync so you can have it on all of your iOS devices (iOS 6.0 or higher). It also gives you 8GB extra backed up cloud storage.

Q: Why the change from Personal History Archive?
A: It was too hard to explain. We needed to simplify our story.

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Archaeologists may discover your Timebox Memory Cube hundreds or even thousands of years from now.