How do I add photos to Timebox?

From the Photos page, tap the Sources button and Select your photo sources (your devices, Facebook, Dropbox and shared iCloud Photo Streams), then tap and Select your favorite photos, automatically adding them to the photo tray. Tap the Stories tab and add the photos to either a new story or an existing story. 

Can I import my photos from Facebook?

Yes, from the Photos tab, tap Sources, then tap Facebook. The first time you tap the Facebook source you should give your permission for Timebox to access your Facebook photos.

How can I import photos from Dropbox?

From the Photos tab, tap Sources and then tap Dropbox.  The first time you tap the Dropbox source you should give your permission for Timebox to access your Dropbox photos.

How many photos can I add to my Timebox?

The number of photos is primarily limited by the amount of storage on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, for example, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB. If you have uprgraded to the Timebox Cloud Service, the number of photos that can be synced to the Timebox Cloud is based on the size of the photos and the amount of Timebox Cloud storage you have purchased. For example, if you have the 8GB Timebox Cloud upgrade and most of your photos are around 4MB each, then you can sync about 4,000 photos. Keep in mind that, depending upon how fast your Internet connection can upload data, syncing 8GB of data can take a while. 

Can I add videos to my Timebox?

Not yet, but it's on our list for a future update. 

How do I add a caption to a photo?

Tap the Edit button on a story and then tap the lower left hand corner of the photo where it says Enter a caption

How do I change my caption?

Just like adding a caption, tap Edit on the story and then tap the existing caption. 

How do I change a date on my photo?

Tap the Edit button on a story and then tap the date on the photo.

How do I remove the date from a photo?

Tap the Edit button on a story, tap the date on the photo, swipe the date button and tap DoneSet Date will go away when you tap Done in your story.

Can the date field be left blank?

Yes, you can leave the date field blank by tapping the On/Off button.

How do I add photos (enable shared iPhoto libraries) from my Mac computers without syncing them all to my devices?

Note: This is only available with iPhoto versions prior to iPhoto '11 9.5. The sharing feature was removed by Apple in the new iPhoto '11 9.5

To add photos to Timebox wirelessly over your home WiFi network directly from iPhoto on your Mac computers: 

  1. Enable Share my photos on the Sharing tab in Preferences... in the iPhoto application on any or all of your Mac computers. 
  2. In Timebox, from the Photos page, tap Sources and then select the names of the iPhoto Libraries in the Sources list. You'll then see a list of the iPhoto albums in the libraries, tap one and you'll see the photos in the album that you can add. To see all your photos at once, tap all the sources.
  3. Then, tap and Select your favorites, automatically adding them to the photo tray.

Is there a way to sync my photos via iTunes?

Yes, here is an alternative way to iCloud that many people may not know about to easily get photos from your Mac or PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The basic idea is that you can use iTunes to sync photos from your Mac or PC to your iOS device via a USB cable (or WiFi). This is sort of the “old school” way to get photos onto your device.

You can copy all the photos in a folder and its subfolders from either your Mac or PC to your iOS device. On a Mac, you can also sync photos from iPhoto to your iOS device - either all the photos, or selected albums, faces or events.

Here are the steps to get started:

(1) Launch the iTunes app on your Mac or PC.
(2) Connect your iOS device via it’s standard USB charging cable to your Mac or PC.
(3) When you connect the device, you should see the name of the device (e.g., “iPhone) appear in the iTunes tab bar.
(4) Click on the name of the iOS device and iTunes will switch to a full page of info about the iOS device.
(5) Click on the “Photos” tab on the tab bar.
(6) Click on the “Sync Photos from” check box. 
(7) On the Mac you leave the default, “All photos, albums, Events and Faces", all your photos in iPhoto will be copied to your iOS device. On the PC, you have to choose a folder, which you can also optionally do on the Mac instead of choosing iPhoto.
(8) When you are done choosing which photos you want to copy to your device, click the Apply button at the bottom of the page.
(9) All the photos that you selected should now start copying to your iOS device. Depending on how many you selected, it can take a few minutes. You will see the iTunes status update as the photos sync. You can also see a little spinning “sync” indicator in the status bar of your iOS device.

Can I add photos from my Windows PCs without syncing them all to my iOS devices?

Yes, via Dropbox or syncing your photos via iTunes. 

How do I change the order of the photos in a story?

Tap the Edit button on a story, scroll to the desired photo, then tap and hold the photo. The photo will change appearance and you can drag it up or down in the story. Release the photo when it is in the desired position. 

How do I delete a photo?

In Edit mode, tap the X in the upper right hand corner of the photo. 

Can I move a photo from story to another?

Not yet, but it's on our list for a future update. 

Are my photos down-sampled?

No, photos are not down-sampled and keep their original size resolution except on original iPad 1, which has insufficient memory (only 256MB memory) to reliably manipulate photos larger than 4 megapixels. (Note: Timebox 2.0 requires iOS 6 and will not run on an iPad 1).

Why won't my photo zoom?

The zoomability of a photo depends on the size of photo itself and some photos are too small to zoom without "pixelation."