About Pepper Networks

At Pepper Networks, LLC, everything we do is designed to help you have more fun with your photos, videos, Live Photos and the stories that go with them.

We're completely focused on developing the Timebox Photo Circus 3D app, which enhances your Photo Library with a customizable photorealistic 3D/AR world of scenes, 3D models, furnishings, decorations, slideshows, timelines, maps and albums.

We think the ability to privately present your stories and collaborate with family, friends, colleagues and clients is very important since a lot of what we do is social.

Your privacy is also important to us. None of the data in the Timebox app is ever retained by or visible to our company, Pepper Networks, LLC.

Founded in September 2011 by experienced entrepreneurs Mary Ellen Heinen and Len Kawell. The company is headquartered in Kirkland, WA.

Mary Ellen Heinen (CEO) – Pepper Networks is Mary Ellen’s 3rd startup. Prior to Pepper Networks, she was the co-founder of Pepper Computer, Inc, developers of software and hardware for tablet computers including the award-winning Pepper Pad. 

Prior to that she was a co-founder of Glassbook, Inc., a software company that developed the Glassbook ebook reader, content server and digital rights management system. Glassbook was acquired by Adobe in 2000. 

Len Kawell (CTO) – Pepper Networks is Len’s 4th startup. Most recently he was a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft working on mobile devices. Before Microsoft, Len was also a co-founder of Pepper Computer, Inc., and a co-founder and the president of Glassbook, Inc. 

Prior to Glassbook, Len was one of the three visionary founders of Iris Associates, Inc., where he co-designed and developed Lotus Notes, the first commercial groupware product. This innovative, collaboration and messaging software is still in use by more than 100 million people worldwide. 

Timebox® is a registered trademark of Pepper Networks, LLC.